Our Constitution

At Sam Adams Realty, we are focused on revolutionizing the real estate industry, which is why you will never pay us more than $4,444.44 on any real estate transaction. In addition to being focused on keeping your costs down as either a buyer or a seller we also believe in and train our team on the following values:

S – System and Team-Driven Excellence

At Sam Adams Realty we realize that our consumers want to be able to access our real estate our agents 18 hours per day and we recognize that our agents have lives and need to be able to turn their phones off to be mentally present at weddings, birthdays, vacations and funerals. In order to do this, each of our listings is assigned to a team of agents and not just one agent. Just like any other business, when one of our agents has the day off, somebody else is working so that you can consistently reach a member of our team.

A – Always Over-Deliver

We always over-deliver to our customers. Although we are not perfect at Sam Adams Realty Group our goal is to exceed the expectations of our ideal and likely buyers each and every time. We do this by offering the region’s best photography, videography and marketing materials while guaranteeing our buyers that they will never pay us more than $4,444.44 for any transaction.

M – Mutually-Beneficial Deals or No-Deal

At Sam Adams Realty Group we believe that all deals must benefit the buyer, the seller and the real estate agent or it’s not a good deal. We realize that our values, systems and processes don’t matter if it does not allow you to sell your home in an efficient manner, which is why we put a massive focus on marketing our properties in the most effective way possible.

Why are we called Sam Adams Realty?

Much like Sam Adams (one of America’s Founding Fathers) Sam Adams Realty is focused on completely revolutionizing the way the world works, specifically when it comes to real estate commissions. Sam Adams was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and he was one of the strong opponents of British Taxation. At Sam Adams Realty Group, we are strong opponents of you spending too much of your hard-earned money on real estate commissions. In fact, we believe that you should never pay us more than $4,444 on any transaction.

We named our company after the man who fought for the rights of the colonists and who fought against the extreme taxation of the British government. Sam Adams was the man who helped to organize push-back and resistance in Boston to Britain’s notorious Stamp Act of 1765. Sam Adams signed America’s Declaration of Independence alongside his cousin, future U.S. President John Adams.


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