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This content was written for Sam Adams Realty.

Are you ready for the next phase in your life and you realize that it is time to seek real estate consultation? If so, we invite you to learn more about Sam Adams Realty. Our real estate company is truly committed to maximizing the budget of people just like you. We work off a Tulsa flat rate real estate method where we will sell your home for $4444. In addition, we will sell your home for $1000. We understand that the average American spends a combined amount of 6% in realtor fees for their entire real estate transaction. This is something we can no longer stand for. We make it our goal to revolutionize the world of real estate to save you money and be the company where you leave with more.

No matter what your reason for selling your home, we understand that it can be a distressing time. Even though you know it is time for the next phase of your life, it never makes saying goodbye any easier. We know you worked hard to make your house a home. We also know it houses so many good and bad memories that helped frame your family. That is why we do not take the task lightly. We are committed to successfully selling your home to prepare you for your next journey in the next phase of your life. Whatever it maybe you will find that seeking the advice of Sam Adams Realty will greatly benefit you and your family.

Part of the reason we find success using our Tulsa flat rate real estate method is by our ability to accurately assess the true to a market value of your home. We believe that a real estate transaction should provide a mutual benefit for both the buyer, seller and the real estate agency. No matter what phase you are in life, anyone can appreciate value. That is why it is our goal to the real estate transaction honest and fair for everyone.

In addition to working hard to sell your home, we also look forward to the next phase of your journey so that we can assist you in finding the perfect home that fits your specific needs. Our experienced team of realtors works diligently by listening to your needs, assessing those needs and beginning the search to find the home that meets and exceeds all of your goals. In the same way that we determine value in selling your home, we do the same when finding your home. We make sure the value of your new home is accurately assessed so that you never pay more than your home is actually worth.

We encourage you to learn more about the Tulsa flat rate real estate method at Sam Adams Realty by contacting one of our experienced and knowledgeable real estate experts at 781-667-0436 for your free consultation today. We also encourage you to visit our website at www.samadamsrealty.com and check out our amazing, free tools to help you in the process of achieving your real estate goals.

Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate | Why seek a realtor

This content was written for Sam Adams Realty.

Are you looking to buy or sell a property? You may be debating about seeking the advice of a realtor. You may realize how expensive it is for the average real estate transaction. Sam Adams Realty is working to be the stereotype using our Tulsa flat rate real estate fee of no more than $4444. In fact, we will sell your home for a limited time at a flat rate of $1000. The bottom line is this, the average American family spent 6% of their entire real estate transaction on real estate commission fees. This in no way can save family money or maximize their budget. When you seek a real estate company that is committed to maximizing your budget you will see where it is actually entirely possible to save money using your real estate company for your next real estate transaction. Our expert team of real estate agents can not only help you sell your home quickly, effectively and efficiently, but we can also use every tool available to help you find the perfect home. In the long run, this will save you money. This saves you time to achieve your real estate task quickly and effectively rather than wasting time and resources attempting yourself meanwhile the housing market is continuing to increase. In addition, our experienced team of realtors knows exactly what to look for to determine the value so you don’t either get less or pay more than the home deserves.

Our experienced team of realtors can sell your home at a Tulsa flat rate real estate fee while delivering exceptional results. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable in the world of real estate. Our team collaborates with an in-house marketing team to give your home the best chance at a sale as possible. Our staff specializes in search engine optimization, Internet marketing, social media marketing, photography, and videography. This is another way that selling your home will save you money and time in the long run. Especially with our flat rate of $1000.

In addition to selling your home to save you money, we also exhibit the same amount in finding the perfect home for you. The fact is, you need a team that is experienced and knowledgeable in the field to be able to accurately assess the value of the home. Would you rather pay a real estate company no more than $4444 for overpaying on a home because the value is assessed incorrectly by $20,000?

There are many reasons to seek real estate advice before you begin your next real estate journey. One thing we are extremely proud of is our ability to accurately determine the value of any home involved in the real estate transaction so that everyone mutually benefits from the deal. We believe that both the buyer, seller, and the real estate agency should mutually and equally benefit from a real estate transaction or it is not a good deal.

We encourage you to contact one of our knowledgeable and experienced team of realtors standing by for your free consultation for 18 hours a day at 781-667-0436. We also invite you to visit our website at space www.samadamsrealty.com to learn more about the Tulsa flat rate real estate method with Sam Adams Realty.