Here at Sam Adams Realty, we are a unique Tulsa agency that utilizes Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate. Reason flat rate system so you never be more than $4444 and this stroke of genius can about the minds of Clay and Vanessa Clark. They thought that it was ridiculous that you would have to pay 6% of your overall total value of your property or your home as the buyer or the seller to a real estate agent. So they decided to create a solution to this problem and credit Sam Adams Realty. Now in Sam Adams Realty, we use a simple flat rate fee for anybody that was to buy or sell real estate. will only make a deal here Sam Adams Realty if it is mutually beneficial to both by the seller and the real estate agent. We believe that’s how it should be in that all real estate commissions should be created equal.

Here, utilizing this Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate, we did so because Clay Vanessa want to create a revolution in the way the world works much like our namesake specifically when it comes to standing up against spending too much of your hard-earned cash and real estate. Make sure that we can provide a place where you knew what to expect and that you could sell your property or by property for a reasonable price. Now Sam Adams Realty, you can make sure that you get your property bought or sold for no more than $4444 and actually right now for a limited time, it’s actually only $2000. The clock is ticking though so if you want to buy or sell property for only $2000, the make sure you get touch with us today.

Also here at Sam Adams Realty, in addition to instituting this Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate system, Clay and Vanessa wanted to create a company that would overdeliver. Just because that the prices thousands of dollars less than a typical agency does not mean you’re not getting the same high quality resources and real estate agents is that you would get elsewhere. In fact, we are able to provide more here at Sam Adams Realty. You better resources here such as in-house web development team, and in-house search engine optimization team, drone videography, real estate photography, Internet advertising and so forth. And our agents are still the same high quality agency you would find it any other agency but likely even more talented.

We deftly have the most professional agency Tulsa, and if you want to speak to one of them for consultation at no cost, and is give us by calling us anytime and getting your consultation free of charge.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you, then love to hear from reach out to the website at which you can find lots of great information including all of our listings and if you want to get touch with us directly and schedule your consultation then get touch with us by calling us at 781-667-0436.

Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate | Why Call Sam Adams Realty?

People call here Sam Adams Realty because we have Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate. People call Sam Adams Realty because we are the highest and most reviewed in it simply because we found a better way. There searching 6% of the overall property value that you’re trying to buy or sell, we can do of the same flat fee of time in which you will never pay more than $4444 and maximum. In fact right now we have a special price going on for limited time in which you can sell or buy a property for only $2000. That’s an insane amount of savings. In fact array, our client on average save more than $4000 whenever they use us as their real estate agency as opposed to any other traditional ones in town. That’s way you call Sam Adams Realty anytime whenever you want to buy or sell a property here Tulsa.

Some of the reason you should always call Sam Adams Realty is because only do we have an incredible Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate system here that we have highly qualified agents that are can be a will to help you. Services that are agents to provider second to none in the same kind of services you require from any other agent. Just because our price is left is not mean that you get less from Sam Adams Realty. We provide agency can do buying selling negotiations, pre-home cell home staging, home showing and touring, lead generation and prospecting and in-depth market analysis and pricing as well. They can do it all our agents are both professional and experienced and will certified and can help you find the best deal for you.

Also people call us because we provide incredible great resources when compared your typical agency as well. Even though we use Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate, we us to build to provide you with several resources that would include in-house web development, in-house search engine optimization, real estate photography, professional video tours, drone videography, social marketing experts, engaging professional flyers, Internet advertising team, and even world-class interactive 3-D home tours upon request and much more.

Also as one added bonus also, whenever you call us or any rate has worked build to provide you with a consultation on your situation at no cost. We provide consultations free here Sam Adams Realty and we are ready willing and standing by to hear from you to let you know working to build to do for you and help you save thousands of dollars on your next transaction.

Whenever you’re ready don’t hesitate to give us call and set that up at 781-667-0436 a good record to our website anytime at for more information.