Here at Sam Adams Realty we the highest and most reviewed real estate agency in Tulsa and we utilize a Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate approach. That may be shocking to some people, but we understand that’s what people deserve. This company was created because we saw need for company, and an agency that could do better. It was started because we found a ridiculous that you pay 6% of your overall total home value as the buyer the seller to a real estate agent. We found the system to be archaic and silly and we knew that we can do better and greeted Sam Adams Realty so that we can rebel against the current system and is a two a better system is for the people in which we charge you one flat rate for every single estate transaction. Your Sam Adams Realty you never pay more than $4444.

We consider this to be a good real estate practice. We use a Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate system that provide you a singular rate on your transactions that are going to save you thousands of dollars as opposed to paying a percentage, most commonly 6% on the tire value the home for the transaction. We consider this nutritional practice to be bad real estate. Also you can Sam Adams Realty only are you getting a better price by far, but getting the better agents. Our agents are available every day the week, as we make sure that we assign most wages to each listing to make sure that you can always get touch with someone. This would be simple good real estate. When you can never get in touch with the real estate agent, we would consider that bad real estate which is what a lot of real estate agent you and what a lot of agencies practice. So whenever our real estate agents have the day off there are other agents that can be called that are signed the same listing that can help you.

That’s just one example. Also when it comes to our Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate, we consider charging lower prices and a flat reasonable fee to be a good practice. Turning 6% for a property no mother if it is $10 million and $10,000 to be a bad practice. We find that to be taking advantage of human beings, and he everyone make sure that it’s fair and we also don’t make a deal unless it is mutually beneficial to all three parties that would include the buyer the seller and agent. If all three parties do not benefit from this, then we do not make a deal. We believe that it should be mutually beneficial to all involved.

Here Sam Adams Realty we feel like all real estate commissions should be created equal, and so we have created a system in which everybody only pays $4444 because we believe that is the right thing to do and that would be good business and good real estate. Hopefully other companies will follow suit with Sam Adams Realty being a good example.

If you want us a consultation with us and you can do so at no charge, just get touch with us by calling us at 781-667-0436 or you go directly to our website anytime at

Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate | What To Expect When Calling Sam Adams.

If you never heard of Sam Adams Realty, and you only know that we are a real estate agency because for the first time, then what we expect when you call us is that your job for we find out about our Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate. You may have no idea that needs a flat rate system, you may have only seen some reviews at a glance. We are the highest and most reviewed this agency Tulsa and that is for good reason. That’s because like our namesake we are here to rebel against the system that currently exists in Institute something that is for the people. We find it to be ridiculous that people pay 6%, overall property value of their home just to sell it for to buy to a real estate agent. We want to change the system and we believe that all real estate commissions are created equal and here you whenever they more than $4444.

So whenever you call us and you hear about our Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate, you can expect to be amazed at how much money you’re going to say. First of all our average client seems of a $4000 whenever they work with us and the process of a real estate transaction. That you want to remain with a $4444 it is The maximum amount that you’re going to spend as opposed if you go almost literally anywhere else and pay 6%. So the more expensive your property is the more you had to pay your real estate agent to do the same job. At Sam Adams Realty, we want you to expect to know what to expect on what you’re going to have to pay each and every time you want to sell or buy a property.

You can also expect to be impressed by the fact that we overdeliver and everything considering the price and what we get for using it Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate, and you can also feel like we’ve got a good head on her shoulders because here Sam Adams Realty one of our policies to not make a deal unless there is a mutually beneficial bill to all parties involved. Our deals must benefit the bar the seller and agent is to go through with it. We believe that the way it should be.

So you can expect because we one way by our nontraditional approach but in the fact that it’s common sense, that is fair, and that you’re going to save thousands of dollars as opposed to going anywhere else. You can also expect that whenever he calls were getting you a free consultation anytime.

So if you’re ready for that consultation can manage of it and give us call at 781-667-0436 or if you have time to our website at we can find our listings, our resources like a mortgage calculator and even more about our company, our founding father and our Constitution.