Here at Sam Adams Realty, we have a humble beginnings as a result of Clay Clark, a local entrepreneur in Tulsa solving a frustration that he had the new many other people had. In Tulsa with real estate. He saw an opportunity to credit company that can utilize a Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate. An agency that utilized a flat rate system. Client’s wife Vanessa started this company because they thought it was ridiculous to most buyers and sellers pay six percent of their homes value in commissions to the real estate agents. He said, with a solution, and that was Sam Adams Realty. Sam Adams Realty was created because it went to rebel against the typical traditional rules agency that is going to charge you 6% of your overall value, and instead would revolutionize the real estate industry by instituting a flat rate system here. And it has proven to be successful because Sam Adams Realty is now the highest and most reviewed real estate company in Tulsa today.

Simply, Clay Clark came up with Sam Adams Realty because he saw a need. He saw a problem and he had a solution to that problem and he has brought that solution in Tulsa and it is not in them apart because whenever you come to Sam Adams Realty, you can save an average or $4000 per transaction. Is because you never pay more than $4444, which even on a home that is relatively low price in Tulsa at $100,000, a 6% commission would still be $2000 more than what you would pay here at Sam Adams Realty. That is the better about that is why we exist, and what we will continue to keep doing and in addition to the low prices that we provide here, not only do we provide the lowest possible price, but we also provide you with double the value.

Is because much like any of Clay Clark to other endeavors, when he instituted the Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate he wanted to do so so that he could overdeliver. That is one of our core values here at Sam Adams Realty is to make sure that we overdeliver. We want to make sure that we offer you a rock-bottom rate that everyone involved can still benefit from, and also to provide you with the complete real state agency package and every resource you would find everywhere else and then some. Spelling be highly qualified trained professional real the agent still, but you also get several other great resources like an in-house web development team, and in-house search engine optimization team, drone videography, real estate photography professional video tours and so much more.

Additionally, right now whenever you call Sam Adams Realty, you can get it a transaction process not for just $4444 but right now, for a limited time, and get it done for just a flat rate of $2000. In addition that if you want to call us between the ages for consultation, you’re going to get that for free as well.

So whenever you’re ready to save thousands of dollars and don’t hesitate to get touch with us and schedule a consultation anytime by getting in touch 781-667-0436 or you go directly to our website anytime at

Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate | Sam Adams Realty Defies Tradition

Here at Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate, we use a Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate approach to real estate. You heard the right, we have a flat rate for any and all of our real estate transactions here. We defied tradition by throwing out the traditional 6% on your homes or your property’s value and set have replaced it with a flat rate system in which you never pay more than $4444. You’ll find that any other real estate agency out there traditional full 6% on the property value, whether it is $10,000 or 100 million thousand dollars, you’re always think 6% in your Sam Adams Realty we find that to be utterly ridiculous. You should not have to pay percent regardless of the value of the property when used every property listing is almost equal in the work that in agency our realtor puts into it.

Here we stick to Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate. We utilize a flat rate system that has been enormously successful because we are the highest and most reviewed company in Tulsa. There’s no tricks, there’s no secrets, and there’s. It’s just the fact that real estate can cost less and we have established a company that does so. We still provide you with highly qualified agents that can do three home cell home staging, buying assigned negotiations, lead generation and prospecting and so much more. They’re all highly qualified a professional and are here waiting to provide you with a real estate transaction this can save you thousand dollars as opposed to going with the traditional 6% anywhere else.

Also whenever your other agencies, not only do they not utilize a Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate, they also don’t have some of the same resources that we have here at Sam Adams Realty. Here Sam Adams Realty, whenever you work with us we can provide you with an in-house web development team, and in-house search engine optimization team, professional roles a photography, professional video tours, drone videography, social media marketing expert, professional flyer design, a powerful Internet advertising team, and we even have world-class interactive 3-D home tours that we can do that are supplied upon request.

Not your traditional rules agency, we use a flat rate system here that is going to benefit all parties involved including the buyer the seller and the agent otherwise we don’t make the deal. On top of that provide you with an overabundance of resources and we overdeliver on service. We also provide you with free consultations whenever you like it.

If you want to take advantage of the incredible opportunity that we provide here at Sam Adams Realty know hesitate to get touch with us by calling us at 781-667-0436 and go to our website anytime at more about us as a company and what we stand for, our listings, mortgage regulators