Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate | Samuel Adams and our real estate vision

This content was written for Sam Adams Realty.

Are you someone who believes that history can truly teach us many valuable lessons in our society today? We are. At Sam Adams Realty we use a business model inspired by Samuel Adams himself. We believe you should have an option in the real estate industry for a Tulsa flat rate real estate fee of $4444 for your real estate services. We are currently offering a limited time offer to sell your home for $1000. We believe in our purpose. We are the real estate company truly committed to helping you leave with more. We have a family just like yours. That is why we are making it our goal at Sam Adams Realty to celebrate you and maximize your budget so your family can do more and make more memories that last a lifetime.

Samuel Adams was a worldwide revolutionary leader who is known as one of our great nation’s founding fathers. Samuel Adams went down in history for his fight against the excessive taxation brought by the British. Ever heard of the Boston tea party? Although we may not go to those extreme measures, we are modeled after the same philosophy. In essence, we are taking Samuel Adams’s fight for the people and taking it to the real estate world today. We know how high real estate commission fees are today. That is why we are making it our effort to change this forever. We truly are committed to changing the game of real estate to better serve you, the client.

One of the ways that we are able to offer a Tulsa flat rate real estate fee is by keeping our real estate transaction on us. Our team of experienced realtors is knowledgeable and exceptional in their field. They are able to provide an accurate assessment for the truth to the market value of your home based on past neighboring purchases and the value of neighboring homes around you. This is our way of making sure your home sells at its maximum value in that you never pay more for home and it is worth.

We can sell your home and find your new home with exceptional revolutionary services. Our team of realtors is standing by the phone for 18 hours a day to discuss your real estate needs during your free consultation. Our team collaborates with an in-house marketing team that specialize in Internet marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, photography and amazing videography. We truly offer your home the best in the sale, and we have the best resources to find your perfect home. We can provide all of these services on our Tulsa flat rate real estate method.

We encourage you to visit our website at www.samadamsrealty.com and check out our tools to help you estimate and appropriate budget and get preapproved for your new home. We also look forward to your call for your free consultation at 781-667-0436. Learn more about how we are revolutionizing the world of real estate the Sam Adams way. You will immediately see our immense level of commitment to you.

Tulsa flat rate real estate | Revolutionizing real estate to change the game

This content was written for Sam Adams Realty.

If you are searching for real estate services it is time you know your options. You must find a company that is revolutionizing real estate in a way to change the game for your benefit forever. Sam Adams Realty offers a Tulsa flat rate real estate fee for no more than $4444. We believe that at Sam Adams Realty your budget should be maximized to the fullest. To prove our commitment to you, we are offering to sell your home at a flat rate of $1000. That is our commitment to making sure you get the best deal and you see our effort to revolutionize the real estate world forever.

We understand how stressful it can be on a family during the process of moving. We know you have a lot to do. You have to pack up your entire home, including your kids’ rooms, garage, kitchen, and everything. That is why here at Sam Adams Realty we want to walk with you every step of the way. In any way that we can help, we do. That is why we help to alleviate some of the financial burdens with our Tulsa flat rate real estate commission method. In addition, we exhibit revolutionary and valuable services to our clients. You can trust us to give that your home the best chance at a sale as possible. Our experienced realtor staff collaborates with an in-house marketing team who specializes in Internet marketing to give your home the best chance possible. That is one less thing you have to worry about when you seek Sam Adams Realty real estate services.

Another way we are eager to help is by providing our services to find the perfect home for you. We understand that home is where you spend the majority of your time. That is why people say home is where the heart is. We know this to be true. That is why we make sure our team of real estate agents are skilled in the art of listening and communicating so they are able to completely assess your family’s unique needs, wants and fulfill those goals in the search to provide you the perfect home. We do all of this on the same Tulsa flat rate real estate fee as our gift to you.

We also work hard to accurately determine the value of your home. Here at Sam Adams Realty, we believe that unless a deal is mutually beneficial for everyone involved there should be no deal. We know that in order for us to provide a successful real estate transaction for all parties the value of all homes involved must be accurately assessed. That is what you can count on from an experienced group of realtors working together for all of our clients.

We encourage you to give us a call for your free consultation today at 781-667-0436. We look forward to discussing your real estate goals and how we can partner together to achieve those. Learn more about our exceptional services at www.samadamsrealty.com and look at our free tools such as our preauthorization link and mortgage estimate calculator. We look forward to hearing from you today!