If you live in Tulsa, and you have any real estate transactions whether you are a buyer or seller, then take advantage of the Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate approach that Sam Adams Realty utilizes. Base right here in Tulsa, Sam Adams Realty is here to revolutionize we were, starting with real estate transactions. Gone are the days when you pay 6% or more of the total value of your property, because that is ridiculous. We’re here to rebel everyone make sure that we offer you a flat rate system which will never be more than $4444. Why? Because we can. Because the right thing to do. This is a the highest and most reviewed state agency in Tulsa today. If you do roof, then you’re in Tulsa, then we’ve got you covered. With this writer on the corner so you do is give us call we can build help you save thousands of dollars straight out of the gate.

Here’s a matter, we use a Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate in which we will only charge you a flat rate for each and every transaction in it never amounts to more than $4444 and right now for limited time, and the clock is ticking, you can do it for 2000 as our flat rate. Time will run out on that’s the make she take a minute to that day so that we can help you save thousands of dollars. Our average customer saves over $4000 on their real estate transaction by utilizing this Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate that we to hear Sam Adams Realty. It’s a proven system that works, and other real estate agencies now have no excuse to still charge you a full large percentage of your value.

We can come see us here at Sam Adams Realty and take advantage of this Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate. Is that the city thousand dollars, and you’re also getting a better service. Because you’re spending thousands last thought mean you’re getting thousand lesson value. As a matter fact you’re getting more value because we have highly qualified agents that can do the same work that all the latest you, there are certified, professional, experience and are ready to help you. We also have a large in-house team of agency they can do web development, search engine optimization, drone videography, real estate photography Internet advertising, social media marketing.

All this is right here in your neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We can build a help you save thousands of dollars easily by just giving us a call. When you give us call right now, we can give you a consultation for free. There’s no time limit on this one, you because whenever you like at any time and will always provide you with a consultation for free with one of our those agents, one of our experts.

If you’re ready to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, the know is that to give us call right now at 781-667-0436 or you go directly to our website anytime at samadamsrealty.com.

Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate | How Sam Adams Realty Came About

Here Sam Adams Realty, we utilize and bears, a flat rate system because we are founded if you go by Clay Clark because he thought that was ridiculous to buyers and sellers were paying a total of 6% of their homes value commissioned a real estate agents. They came up with a better solution and they created Sam Adams Realty Realty which is good revolutionize the way real estate works, and Terrel Bell against the hard-earned cash that we spend on real estate transactions in general. Here Sam Adams Realty you never can be more than dollars to find it or to sell it. It’s really simple as that. It was a local entrepreneur who saw a problem with the way real estate has a fault, and created a solution, an alternative. And now we have Sam Adams Realty is going to build a save you thousands of dollars on each real estate transaction that you process with us.

Here Sam Adams Realty we have our own Constitution even, since we use a Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate rate, we make sure that we have core values that focus on systems and team driven excellence. We’ve created system here were any of our real estate agents are available any day the week. If your real estate agent is often a particular day, you can still call us and we can get you in touch with any other real estate agent because we assign multiple agents to every listing. Would make sure that we are always available there for you, and we want to have a system in place in which we can provide you with maximum service and excellence.

We also want to always overdeliver. This is the second quarter value here Sam Adams Realty, and so we make utilize the Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate as the basis for what we do here and then we overdeliver on that great value. You can get highly qualified real estate agents that are trained in every aspect, professional and experience, and you also get tons of other incredible resources from our in-house team at the agency find a list of on our website and then lastly we make sure that all deals are mutually beneficial. We want to make sure and we believe here Sam Adams Realty it every deal should benefit all parties involved including the by the seller and the agent. If it is not mutually beneficial to all involved, then we don’t not make a deal.

So Vanessa and Clay Clark saw an opportunity to improve the real estate, and they have done so. We are the highest and most reviewed real the agency Tulsa day, because our system works. We’ve proven that it is entirely possible to maintain a healthy profit as a company and only charge a flat rate which is still thousands of dollars less than what you pay at a typical real the agency on 6% of your property value.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this by the data get touch with us anytime schedule a free consultation with one of rate is by getting in touch at 781-667-0436 or go directly to our website anytime at samadamsrealty.com.