You may have heard of the way we use a Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate approach your Sam Adams Realty. If you have a, then we encourage you to look at a come see us for your trust a transaction because we can save you thousands of dollars on any real estate transaction hands-down. There’s no contest, and we know that our clients save an average of over $4000 whenever they use us as their real estate agency as opposed to the traditional ones. You never pay more than $4444 and every or you sell your property or by a property through us here at Sam Adams Realty. You may be wondering how this is possible. The secret is, there is no secret. It’s entirely possible to sell these houses at such a low rate and at a flat rate, because the simple truth of the matter is that other real the agencies just charge that much. They clean to an old outdated system in which they charge you a full percentage of your property so that they can get more money to matter what the situation is.

Here at Sam Adams Realty, we are going to use a Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate, and you we are going to save you money no matter what the situation is. It doesn’t matter if your property that is being bought or sold his $10 million or $10,000, you can still sell it or by no more than $4444. It’s just that simple. It just works, and you’ll be amazed at what were to be a will to do for you. There’s no secret, there is no catch, and you can get the same incredible resources and real estate agents from us here at Sam Adams Realty that you would get it any other company, and then some. We actually have better and more in health resources here than you would find a typical agency in Tulsa.

The system works in the exact same way that everything else, we just charge a flat rate. That’s the all there is to it, it’s a Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate situation and if you want to get into this don’t hesitate to call us. You get touch with us anytime, and you can see from a simple Google search that we are the highest and most reviewed real estate agency Tulsa so there’s many other people that have realize the advantages of utilizing our service and our flat rates.

Also want to make it even easier for you to come see us because we don’t charge for consultation. Because any time for consultation at no charge in which any of our agents will be willing to talk to and what we can do for you for absolutely free.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you and how this flat rate system is going to work in your favor then don’t get touch with my calling us at 781-667-0436 we go directly to our website anytime at

Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate | Curing Your Real Estate Expense Blues

If you regularly sell or buy property anywhere in Tulsa and you find it atrocious that people charge an average of 6% of the overall property value for most real estate transactions for the real the agent, that we’re here to tell you that we offer a better alternative, a Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate. Like our namesake, here Sam Adams Realty, we seek to revolutionize and change the world and starting with rebelling against unfair real estate fees and spending your hard-earned cash on something that should cost you 6% of your overall value. We find that ridiculous and we seek to make change in this industry starting here in Tulsa by providing you with a flat rate system that everybody can get on board with because there’s no catch. It’s possible, and we make it work.

Whenever you come to see us here at Sam Adams Realty, save you an average of over $4000 in a typical real estate transaction. That’s because here you’ll never spend more than $4444, and you know I have to pay 6%. If you paid 6% to $100,000 home that will be it is a savings of about $2000 and that is only for $100,000 home. Think of the savings if your home is twice that or three times that. Saving a lot of money just by coming us right out of the gate, and there’s no catch. At Sam Adams Realty, we are all about providing you with a flat rate because that is the most beneficial to all parties involved, including the buyer seller and the real estate agent. Here at Simmons we believe that all realistic commissions should be created equal, and if it is not mutually beneficial for all three parties involved, then there is no deal. You’ll find a better situation than our Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate.

We seek to change the way real estate is perceived, and we want to not only provide you name time because it is cheaper does not mean you are getting less than incredible service and real estate agents as well. There’s no catch, because we still provide highly qualified real estate agents that can do buying selling, pre-home cell home staging, home showing touring, lead generation and in that market analysis and pricing just like anywhere else, and they are also still highly qualified and professional. You’ll see lots of fantastic resources from agency that includes in-house web development team, and Intel search engine optimization team, drone videography professional video tours real estate photography marketing experts, powerful Internet advertising and much more.

Also right now we have two incredible no-brainers going on because for a limited time, and the clock is ticking, you don’t pay $4444, we will put a cap of $2000 on any real estate transaction process to us and if you want a consultation, then we will provide that to you for free. Take advantage of the way we provide a Tulsa Flat Rate Real Estate now and get in contact with us.

So if you’re ready to save thousands of dollars instantly give us call today by calling us a 781-667-0436 or you go directly to our website whenever you’re ready to find out more information at