Does the fact that we offer flat rate real estate Tulsa make you curious as to why? Are you afraid there are alternative motives, or hidden fees or catches? Let us assure you that the only reason that we began offering flat rate real estate was to disrupt the real estate market in Oklahoma. This is because across many of our experiences selling multiple properties throughout the years, we have been deeply troubled by the high price of real estate listings. We first have the experience of listing our $220,000 home and having to pay our real estate agent a commission of $13,200. In our opinion this was absolutely excessive for no more work than when it the listing. Into the listing.

By providing Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa we are making sure that we are unlocking the ability to sell unwanted homes for thousands of Tulsa’s. This is because many people have to the eat their entire equity just to be able to afford their home. To us this is just absolutely Chris, is there is no need for. While realtors may not want you to know this, listing a property is extremely simple. All the goes into it is some simple photography, videography and in some cases more advanced services like drone and 3-D interactive towards. You then list the property using the multiple listing services that is going to put your home on site such as, and Then all you have to do is be available whenever people want to view the homes, and buildup of falling where people know to come to your real estate company and generate organic leads and fashion.

Another reason why we offer flat rate real estate Tulsa is because we believe that we can do a better job of selling your home than anyone else. This is because we are going to ditch the traditional thinking where a single agentless multiple properties. Whenever you employ us to list your home, you’re agreeing entire team of not only real estate agents, but entire marketing company behind them. Because we are able to offer you a in-house web dev team, SCO team, the region’s best professional real estate photography, video and drone services, and engaged professional flyer design we are going to build cost-effectively provide you more real estate services. We’re going to use our entire team to make sure that your listing is managed, up-to-date, and lead to respond to.

Another problem that we have had real estate companies in the past is the fact that they are inefficient in making sure that they respond to each and every lead to comes in. This is something that only with real estate, but each and every industry frustrates us. Companies to pass along high operating costs, because they are inefficient do not call their leads. How often do you hear of your friends and family complain about wanting to use company services, without being able to get in contact with them. This holds to do many real estate companies. You will find that this is another area where Sam Adams Realty makes the norm.

To take advantage of the many different perks the you’re going to receive from Sam Adams Realty in addition to their flat rate, visit our website If you would like to speak with one of our real estate agent about listing your property with us, pick up the phone and dial (781) 667-0436. This is going to ensure the you’re working with the lowest cost, highest guilt realtors in Tulsa.

After we have sold your home for you can expect that our flat rate real estate Tulsa offerings are going to make your wallet heavier. If you would rather carry around a big heavy wallet, because of all the cash that we send you can only have to do is list your home with us. Whenever you list your home with us you are going to save thousands, potentially tens of thousands of dollars. This is due to the high real estate commissions that most realtors charge. We are going to help sell your home for less, never charging you more than $4444. This is the top dollar you will ever pay to have Sam Adams Realty list your home.

In addition to your wallet being have your after you list with flat rate real estate Tulsa option state name, you’re also going to be able to sell your home a little bit quicker. This is in do part because of the fact not only are we highly skilled at what we do, but because we are going to unlock more of your home’s equity if you are going to be able to have room with. Oftentimes due to high realtor fees, people do not even have enough equity in their home to listed for sale in the first place. This can be devastating for many people as they do not realize that the 20, $30,000 that they have built up in equity in their home over many years, does not exist. This is one of the many reasons we have been committed to providing customers with a low-cost, flat rate real estate option. By unlocking much of this equity, you’re going to be a little list your home the most efficient price possible.

If flat rate real estate Tulsa does not sound appealing to you because you don’t like carrying around heavy wallet we apologize. If you’re afraid the you are going to suffer from back pain due to all the money that we are going to save you that is going to make sure that your wallet is heavier than it’s ever been, we are right there with you. We truly do not know just how much money we are going to be saving you, but we know it is going to be heavy. We are sorry to burden you with such a heavy want for you to carry around. We hope it does not lead to back pain or other serious medical conditions.

In addition to your well-being heavier, your wife is going to be happier. Because you’re going to save tens of thousands of dollars by listing your home with us she is going to be able to go shopping more often. If you think that being able to go shopping more often is it going to make your wife happy, then think again. It is statistically proven that whenever your wife go shopping more often, she is happier. And you know they say, happy wife happy life.

Flat rate real estate is one of the most innovative services you will ever run into. This is changing life of hundreds if not thousands of people in Oklahoma. It is allowing them to truly unlock the financial freedom that they deserve. Too often our financial dreams are crushed by greedy real estate agents. You do not have to suffer by this if you just visit or contact our agents directly on the phone. To speak to one of our a district the phone is pick up your cell and dial (781) 667-0436