One reason you might seek out a Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa agent is because of the fact that we are going save you money. At the end of the day that’s what is all about. This in providing our customers with exceptional customer service is the reasons why we have gone into business. We want to make sure that we are providing our homes not only with a affordable option for their real estate needs, but one that is absolutely the highest quality. By employing Sam Adams Realty to sell your home you are almost guaranteed to save money versus a traditional real estate agent is going to charge you between three and 6%. Particularly on homes with high dollar values, this could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

You may wonder what a flat rate real estate Tulsa fee is going to look like when selling a home. With I told you that the most that you would ever pay one of our agents for selling your home would be $4444. This is not only the price that we are going to charge you in realtor commissions, the total price you’re going to. We’re going to be upfront with you about the exact rate that we are going to charging before signing a listing agreement. In essence we are going to provide you with a bid to be able to provide you our services. This is much more in line with most traditional business models. Traditionally and most businesses a contractor will provide you a bid for your services, and not say that they are going to charge you an unknown amount based on a percentage of the outcome. Does that is just poor business and a model that we would like to get away from.

The reason why flat rate real estate Tulsa has been so successful is because it has truly flipped the real estate market on its head in Oklahoma. By allowing our customers access to more of the equity in their home, they are able to list their home and more competitive prices. This means that their homes sit on the market for less time. Not only does this allow them to sell their home quicker, but also gets them in the market for a new home faster. This means that the buying and selling of homes in Oklahoma is increasing whenever we provide this practice. It is also providing our customers with the financial flexibility that they need to buy and sell homes in a beneficial matter to them.

Because of our low fee is no longer is a requirement to have a home for 15 or 20 years to build up enough equity to be able to sell it. That means that if you are in the position where you have been forced to sell your home fairly quickly after purchasing it due to unforeseen circumstances you are not going to be punched in the mouth of high realtor fees. If you do not have equity in your home, it can be darn near impossible to sell it. We have eliminated this barrier to sell your home by offering you flat fee real estate options.

If you want to see some of the other amazing benefits you’re going to receive from listing your property with us then please visit our website. Whenever you log on your website you’re going to see many many amazing benefits of using our service. All you do is type in in your web browser. If you like to speak to one of our customer service representatives on the phone please feel free to give us a call by dialing (781) 667-0436.

In addition to providing you flat rate real estate Tulsa, Sam Adams Realty is going to be old provide you the very top real estate agents in the entire city. It is our belief that we are actually not even the best realtors in Tulsa, but the entire state. This is because we make sure that our staff is highly trained and guaranteed to do an excellent job for you. We have built our real estate company is different than we would build everyone of the companies that we have skilled and grown over the last 20 years. This is their customer service!

Far too often when you’re dealing with someone other than a flat rate real estate Tulsa agent you are going to be receiving your services from someone who forgets that you are a customer. Traditional real estate agents often times throw off bad vibes their customers. This because all they care about is the percentage of the homes final sale price they are going to receive the end of day. They are not truly committed to providing you the best results possible, as they are only in it for themselves. With our real estate agents, they are going to get a fix flat rate, no matter if they sell your home for a lower high price. This is going to ensure that they truly listen to you, and if you need your home sold quick that is what they are going to do. If you want your home sold for a higher price, they are going to want to make sure that that is the result you end up with.

Flat rate real estate Tulsa provider Sam Adams Realty make sure that we provide all of our real estate agents with the outstanding real estate knowledge that they need to be confident and everything we do. This going to lead to a better product to you, the end consumer. By making sure that they know exactly what they’re doing, they are going to be able to provide you with nothing the absolutely outstanding service. Is been our experience that a lot of real estate agents feel like they are walking through the dark. This does not happen to our staff as we are able to provide an excellent training that allows them to be efficient and confident and everything they are doing. We provide them with the support that they need so that whenever they run into something that they are not sure of, we are able to provide them with the answers they need to produce excellent customer service each and every time.

Not only are you getting one of the very top real estate agents in Tulsa whenever you hire us, you’re getting entire team. That is because we don’t assign a single realtor to your property. We put our entire team on each and every listing that we provide. This ensures that your potential buyers are going to have constant access to the home and information about it. It’s not only something is provided to your potential buyers, but is also afforded to you, our customer. We ensure that we are able to provide customer service while maintaining a healthy and balanced life for our realtors so they are able to provide you with happier and better customer service.

Whenever you decide that we are going to be able to provide you the best realtor in the state all you have to do is get contact with us. We strongly encourage you do this through our website or by our phones. You can fill out a form our website for us to get in contact with you from our office phone Realty phone. This will make sure that we get your home listed quickly.