We are committed to providing our customers with not only Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa but also high quality experience. This because we have had our fair share of the nightmare stories with realtors. While not all realtors are incompetent, we have run into a vast majority of them that are. This is why we were inspired to go out and start a company that is going to offer not only the lowest pricing in the industry, but the highest level of quality customer service. We are committed to make sure that every customer that we have, is happy to have been served by our services at the end of day.

Here at Sam Adams reality it is our goal to make sure that you do not have a batted realtor experience. We do this in a number of ways an additional to our Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa. This because we think that we can not only save you a ton of money and selling your home, but we can eliminate people’s bad expenses that they have had with realtors. There’s no reason the buying and selling process has to be a nightmare. We’re going to ensure that we are going to offer you the services that are going to meet every need that you have. It is our goal to exceed expectations each and every time we have a chance to serve a customer.

Our Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa services we are going to ensure that you get the highest quality services, at the very best pricing. We believe that these two things can go hand-in-hand and do not have to sacrifice quality to get the best pricing. This is in part because we are very diligent and efficient what we do, combined with the fact that most realtors are overcharging you. This may come as a surprise that most realtors are taking advantage of past practices based on the effort and time that used to take to sell real estate. These are no longer issues, as the Internet and technology have decreased the amount of work that goes into listing a real estate property and having it sold. We have not seen an adjustment in the real estate market as a result of this however.

Our owner’s actually had a realtor experience once it was so bad that the realtor ended up losing their real estate license over their negligence. Making sure that our real estate agents are trained well enough that this is not going to be an issue is of our highest priority. This realtor did such a terrible job while letting $20,000 in commissions. We found this to be outrageous and we wanted to change the industry by offering flat rates.

Whenever you want to learn more about what drove us to start our company and why it is important to us to provide consistent quality each and every time please visit our website check out our story. Whenever you go to Samadamsrealty.com you’re going to be able to find out exactly what drove us to offer these amazing services. If you like to speak to a realtor and see if we are going to be able to provide you the same level of quality on your next home purchase or sale please gives a call at (781) 667-0436.

Whenever you are recommending a real estate agent, you want to recommend the very best. That is why you’re going to want to make sure that you recommend real estate is going to operate on a Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa. This going to ensure that you are going to not only get the most fantastic service, as we are the only flat rate real estate agents, but also the you’re not going to pay more than you should. Make sure that we provide you with consistent levels of excellent customer service each and every time is our life’s passion. We would rather shut our doors or charge you more than everyone else if we were not able to offer you the best service of the best price.

The reason we know that we can offer you excellent service at an affordable price is because of our Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa structure. With the structure your guarantee the you are never going to pay more than $4444 to have your home listed and sold. This is on average going to say most of our customers $4010 per transaction. This is just an average savings, as many customers are able to save tens of thousands of dollars on listing the property with us. Did you know that on a $500,000 home that you are going to be on the hook for anywhere between 15 and $30,000 worth of commissions to your real estate agents? That’s right this is an extraordinarily high price for such a simple service. Gone are the days of real estate agents having to work with Adrian magic to get your home listed and sold.

One ways that we are going to provide you with excellent service on our Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa business model is because we have our very own in-house web development team. This web development team is going to build make you a listing that is going to stand out from the rest and disseminated across the Internet. They’re going to be assisted in spreading your listing across the Internet by our powerful Internet advertising team. You’ll find that these guys are absolute experts when it comes to make sure that your property is listed on the most important websites across the web. They will also be able to run advertisements specific to your property that are going to fall around interested parties.

In addition to providing you excellent service with a great price by utilizing our in-house web development team and our outstanding Internet advertising team we’re also going to provide you with the regions very best real estate photography. Because this is another team that we manage in-house come you are not going to be able receive their services from any of the realtor. Many people including us believe that photos are the biggest component to a quality real estate listing.

To take advantage of all that our team has to offer you, all you have to do is visit our website. Whenever you log on to Samadamsrealty.com you will see a multitude of different tools that are going to allow you to contact us efficiently. If you would rather just pick up your phone and dial as and get the process started let freedom ring on (781) 667-0436.