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This content was written for Sam Adams Realty.

Real estate companies are often underestimated. Finding a family the home of their dream that meets all of their need and passing the torch on the existing beloved home to the next family while providing a mutually beneficial experience can sometimes be a challenge. Not for Sam Adams Realty and their Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa! We are the experts in real estate. We offer exceptional real estate services and we have the knowledge, expertise, and passion to backup any real estate challenge. Sam Adams Realty works off of the Sam Adams vision. Sam Adams was a worldwide revolutionary justice seeker. He tirelessly fought against the injustice and the excessive taxation the British passed on to the population. We have the same goal in mind. Sam Adams Realty has made it their mission to completely transform the real estate industry you know today. We can guarantee you will never pay more than $4444 for your real estate services. We even offer a free consultation to prove how committed we are to benefiting you, the client.

If you are looking to sell your home it is imperative that you act now. We are currently offering a limited time offer to sell your home for $1000. Most of our competitors charge a 3% commission fee to sell your home. If you have a $300,000 home, that alone is a $9000 fee. In addition, most of these real estate agents will charge another 3% finder commission fee for the purchase of your home. We believe the success of the does not look out for the budget of the consumer. That is why we are changing the way houses are sold with our Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa way.

In addition to providing exceptional value and service when selling your home, we also worked diligently to find the perfect home for you. For most families, their home is their sanctuary. We have perfected our process of listening and communication to assess the needs of our clients and find the home that not only meets their needs but provides their wants. It is our job to analyze your taste, design style and provide the solution to the perfect home for you. Our flat rate real estate Tulsa commission rate also applies to your home purchase.

We believe that many businesses can history. Samuel Adams offers an amazing vision for us to look to. He is the role model that our company was founded on. We believe the same way in our country, we can revolutionize the real estate industry.

We offer free consultations to all existing and future clients because we believe you will be able to see immediately our level of passion and commitment to providing you the best experience. We believe a real estate transaction should be mutually beneficial for both the buyer, seller, and real estate agency. If not, it is not a good deal. Feel free to visit our website at www.samadamsrealty.com to learn more about our services today. We also look forward to your call at 781-667-0436.

Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa | Real Estate Is Changing

This content was written for Sam Adams Realty.

We believe the real estate industry should work primarily to benefit our clients. Many real estate agents today don’t understand the value of taking care of the customer. Sam Adams Realty is changing the industry with our Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa commission method. We believe that providing the best real estate experience possible is the perfect way to change the rules of the industry today. We are doing this by guaranteeing that you will never pay more than $4444 and realtor fees. We believe that this is how you will keep more in your wallet. We understand how important it is for you to stay on budget for your family. Maximizing your budget is our goal here is Sam Adams Realty.

We start by determining the value of your home. This is the first step because our expert real estate agents are there to accurately assess the true to the market value of your home. We understand how hard you worked to make your house a home. That is why we want you to receive exactly what your home is worth. This is also a way to maximize your budget so that we can provide you with the home of your dreams.

We understand that over time families change. Families evolve, they grow, their needs change we believe that your home should adapt to those changes. Whether you are selling your home because your family is growing and you are blessed with the predicament of needing a bigger house, Sam Adams Realty has you covered. Maybe your needing to downsize. If you were at the phase in your life, where you no longer need the space and you are ready to give a new family the home of their dreams, Sam Adams Realty can help with this as well. Right now, we are running a limited time offer where we will sell your home for only $1000. That’s right! Only $1000 will provide you with a team of expert realtors, marketers, world-class photographers and videographers all on a mission to get your house sold.

If you are selling your home, you are also needing to help find a new home. Sam Adams Realty can assist you in this process every step of the way. The Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa commission rate also applies to the purchase of a home. Unlike our competitors who charge a total of 6% to list and find your home, we can guarantee you will never pay more than $4444. Help us change and revolutionize the real estate industry today. We offer our talent, diligence, passion, drive, and experience to give all we have to find you the perfect home and selling your existing beloved home.

You can find more about our website at www.samadamsrealty.com. Our site not only had information about the Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa Way, but we can also provide you with tools such as a mortgage calculator and preapproval application. We have you covered in every way. You may also contact our experienced agents who are ready to take your call for 18 hours a day at 781-667-0436.