When you are looking for a flat rate real estate Tulsa provider than you are going to look no further than Sam Adams Realty. This because we are the only real estate company that is crazy not to offer you the chance to sell your phone for one flat rate. Instead of charging you anywhere between three and 6% commissions on the sale of your home, we are going to be able to offer to you for a very low price. The way we do this is by instead of making thousands of thousands of dollars on just a couple of homes, we want to sell thousands of homes while making a few hundred dollars each. This going to ensure that we are able to help or people in Oklahoma sell their homes faster and cheaper than ever before. This is going to help you preserve some of the equity that you built up in your home over time. Oftentimes people do not realize how much their homes equity that they need just to be able to sell it, and this is often times life shattering news for them.

The reason that we went with a flat rate real estate Tulsa real estate company model is because we thought it was absolutely ridiculous to see the amount of money people were charging to simply list and sell. While they like to make it seem like it is a ton of highly skilled work that goes into selling a home, we found that is quite simple. Because of our vast knowledge and experience in real estate, we are able to provide you with the same services that they other companies are, but eliminating all the smoke and mirrors. We’re going to be very transparent as to exactly what we do and how we do. This way you realize that you have been overpaying for real estate services your entire life!. We are disrupting the real estate industry in Oklahoma as we are no longer sticking customers with outrageous commissions for selling home that ultimately is not that costly.

In addition to being a flat rate real estate Tulsa business model, we also have other unique properties. One of these things is the fact that whenever we list your home you’re not assigned one real estate agent, but entire team. This is going to ensure that people are going to be able the have access your home to view it in your I going to have access to your realtor at all times. This is because we believe not only is this the most efficient way to make sure that your home is well taken care of and sells quickly, but is also going to provide our employees time to remain normal people with lives and families.

We have in the LTO going on right now the you would be able to sell your home for just $1000. Normally we charge a flat rate of $4444. While the $4000 offer is already a groundbreaking offer, we tried take it one step further. Serving our customers with the best of our abilities is never enough, which is why we want to really outdo ourselves by going the extra mile. If you are so your home for the low price of thousand dollars you’re going to have to act now!

To take advantage of our flat rate you will simply need to visit our website. Whatever you log on to Samadamsrealty.com you’re going to be able to schedule your free consultation right away. This going to provide us with the information to give you a phone call from (781) 667-0436.

Does the term flat rate real estate Tulsa grab your attention? If you are currently listing a house that is over $500,000 time sure did. This is because you have probably been wondering how you can avoid the $15-$30,000 that you are likely going to be facing commission. For most Americans this is going to chew up any and all equity the Vanderbilt of over the many years of owning a home. For some people who do not have the foresight to realize they’re going to need this equity to be able to even sell their house to break even, they can be financially devastating news. This is one of the many reasons why we decided that we were going to blow up the real estate market in Tulsa by offering these flat rate services.

As the only flat rate real estate Tulsa option, we are going to sell your home for no more than $4444 out of your pocket. This is our commitment to you to make sure the you only pay a flat rate when we sell your home. Many people off NASA’s if there are any hidden fees and back into this deal, as it is simply too good to be true. We’re here to tell you that $4444 is the price that we are going to charge you with no hidden fees or restrictions. This because we are not overly greedy with our approach selling homes. We would like to base our business model office selling thousands of homes while making a few hundred dollars, instead of selling eight few homes a year for several thousands of dollars. We believe this is greedy, and unreasonable.

We are offering you flat rate real estate Tulsa for an even better offer than the $4440 that we typically charge. Right now we are providing a LTO where we will sell your house for just $1000. That’s right instead of saving you the average of $4010 that we typically save our customers on each transaction, we are going to increase that by another $3434. If this is intriguing to you than all you need to do is contact us right away. We are then going to be old provide you with the flat rate real estate that you have been dreaming of the did not realize existed. We’re going to be able to save you tens of thousands of dollars when listing a mega price home.

Is because we are providing you with flat rate real estate options, does not mean that we are going to be doing any lesser of a job. We are still going to be able to provide you with professional services equipment that price such as real estate photography, videography drone footage, and 3-D interactive Taurus. You’re also going to have your property listed on multiple real estate sites. We’re going to do this with the multiple listing service that has been around since before the Internet.

If you want to receive our flat rate services that are going to provide you the same exact real estate experience that you would get from any other realtor at a much lower cost, then visit our website. All you have to do is go to is a website to find out exactly who we are and how our business works. If you decide that you are sold on using us as your real estate option all you need to do is gives call at (781) 667-0436.