Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa | The Dream and Reality

This content was written for Sam Adams Realty.

Are you currently seeking the exceptional services of a real estate company? Do you realize how potentially expensive this can be in the financial burden that this put on your family? Worry no more! Sam Adams Realty is changing the game of real estate to allow you to keep more in your wallet. We agree that the amount of fees that most real estate agents pass to the customer is an expense that can no longer be ignored. We are saying that real estate agents to work extremely hard to find your dream home and sell your current properties. We are real estate agents. We know the amount of work that it takes. However, we also believe that charging a 6% commission rate for both the listing in finding the real estate needs is no longer an expense that can’t be ignored and be passed on to the customer. That is why we are guaranteeing that you will never pay more than $4444 Real Estate Commission fee when using the flat rate real estate Tulsa method with Sam Adams Realty. In fact, for a limited time, we are committing to sell your home for $1000.

We know how much time, research, and discussion and imagination is put into your dream home. We want to be the company that is committed to delivering that to you. We are not like other real estate agents and real estate companies who are just ready to get the next household and find the next house quickly before moving onto the next clients. We actually take the time to listen assess your needs. We realize that by doing this, we prove to you are loyalty and in turn, you will provide us your loyalty for your real estate needs for a lifetime. That is why we are so committed to our customers in transforming the real estate agency today.

Not only do we put an immense amount of commitment in the search to find you the perfect home, but we also deliver the same amount of effort into selling your home. Take advantage of our flat rate real estate Tulsa commission method when you to sell your home. We know that it took a lot to turn your house into a home. That is why we do not take our job lightly. We want to make sure that our customers are completely taken care of and that the stress of the sale and purchase of a new home is alleviated in any way possible.

We work hard to assess the accurate value of your home. We know that you do not want to sell your home for any less than it is worth. We don’t want you to do that. That is why we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced real estate experts who are willing and ready to do what it takes to make sure the value of your home is correctly assessed.

We encourage you to contact us for your free consultation today and learn more about our flat rate real estate Tulsa method. You may give us a call by contacting us at 781-667-0436 visiting our website at www.samadamsrealty.com. Learn more about our ability to turn your dream into reality.

Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa | Our commitment to you

This content was written for Sam Adams Realty

Are you looking for a real estate company that is finally committed completely to you? If so, Sam Adams Realty is the answer you’re looking for. Sam Adams Realty works on a flat rate real estate Tulsa commission method. This means you will never pay more than $4444 for real estate services. To make the deal even better, we are committing to sell your house at a limited time offer of $1000. That is thousands less than our competitors are offering their services for. This is our gift to you in order to prove our commitment to not only you but also our revolutionary way to change the real estate industry today. We know how important the sale and purchase of your new home be. That is why we want to show you that we are completely committed to providing you with the best experience possible. We are the real estate company that encourages our staff to completely celebrate you.

We will never try to sell your home for less than its worth just to move on quickly to the next client. We are truly a real estate agent who is committed to celebrating you and we do that by offering our flat rate real estate Tulsa commission method. We want to make sure that your home is accurately assessed. In order for everyone involved in a real estate transaction to receive mutually beneficial results, the value must first assess properly. The buyer must feel that they received a good deal, while the seller must fill that they are accomplished by maximizing the amount that their home is worth, and the real estate agency needs to also benefit. We receive our benefits by making sure you are completely satisfied and recommend us to your friends and family for their real estate needs. We also make sure that we are able to continue our flat rate real estate method by providing the best value for your dollar.

We also know how important finding the home of your dreams as you. That is why we are offering you a free consultation to prove how committed we are. We want to make sure that you understand that no matter what we will work tirelessly to listen to you and uncover the perfect home that meets your family’s needs.

You may also be wondering why a real estate company is named after Sam Adams. The reason is that we found Sam Adams was a worldwide revolutionary leader in the fight against excessive taxes. In essence, we are attempting to do the same by changing the real estate industry to work better for you.

Find out more about our flat rate real estate Tulsa method and our vision by contacting us at 781-667-0436. We also ask that you visit our website to learn more about our founding principles modeled after one of our founding fathers of our country. We look forward to discussing your real estate needs during your free consultation. Our experienced realtors are standing by the phone for 18 hours a day ready and willing to serve you.