Did you know Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa is going to build provide you with the most affordable home selling you ever encounter? That’s right because we are not charging a percentage of your home sale price, we are going to build offer you the lowest price to sell your home the you have ever imagined. Never before did you dream that you could sell a 500,000, $1 million, or 10 million our home for just $4444. That is what we’re going to offer you here at Sam Mount Realty. Is because we are committed to providing our customers with low-cost flat fee real estate sales.

Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa is the very first the market flat rate real estate agents that we are aware of. This is how we are confident that we are going to be able to sell your real estate at the lowest prices ever. In the past real estate agents and typically charge their clients anywhere from 36% of the homes final sale price. While this may not be the end of the world when it comes to a smaller price home such as in the $80-$100,000 range, for larger properties is absolutely devastating. Making sure that we are able to provide you with affordable home selling services is our passion life. That is why we are committed to not only selling your home at the lowest possible cost, but in the quickest amount of time.

Are Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa business model is based off of making hundreds of dollars off of thousands of home sales instead of making tens of thousands of dollars on one or two. It is not uncommon for a realtor to sell single-digit homes in the year. All the while living a lavish lifestyle. Did you know that Oakland is over 2000 licensed realtors in any given year? Did you know that on average they do not sell? That’s right the average realtor when spread out across all licensees comes out to about one a year. While these are not all full-time realtors, or even necessarily active ones, the fact that there are so few home sales while there are so many realtor speaks to the amount high commissions there are. This is why we would rather thousands of homes for Oklahomans at a low rate, while making a few hundred bucks apiece, then sell just a few and make greedy amounts of money.

On top of providing the most portable home selling, we are the very best. Is because our dedicated realtors truly try to become more efficient each and every day. We provide them with, than industry training so they are able to do the very best. Whenever put someone in place that is not equipped with the tools and information they need to do and admirable job. Even if our realtors do not have the answers the question, or how to handle certain situations we give them the tools to learn.

If you want the most affordable real estate option the side of the moon, you’re going to have to turn a Sam Adams real to you can find out more information about this company by going to their website Samadamsrealty.com. Perhaps even more informative than our website, ours customer service representatives are available at (781) 667-0436.

Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa is one of the most innovative ideas than anyone has ever had in the real estate industry. This is partially due to the fact real estate industry is not undergone a major transformation in a long time. This is due to in large part agreed. This because real estate is become accustomed to only selling a couple of houses a year while living lavish lifestyles. To us this is absolutely unfair to the evil buying and selling homes in Oklahoma. This is why instead of providing our customers with real estate agents are only interested in working a handful of hours each year while reaping huge benefits, we are dedicated to selling thousands of people’s houses while only making a few hundred bucks.

The reason that Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa is possible is because much of the theoretical work that realtors do and hard work they put into it, is all smoke and mirrors. We’re not trying to call anyone out, we are just pointing out facts. The work that goes into listing managing a real estate property is not only intensive. Back in 1973 one the Internet was not been going, we did not have smart phones, and the world moved a little bit slower it was more difficult to manage multiple real estate properties. At this point it made sense that a realtor would only physically be able to sell a few properties each and every year. Even our short time of existence, we have proven this to know or be the case 2019. With the advancements in technology and better education, we found that we are able to manage multiple listings at one time. This allows us to sell thousands of homes each and every year, while only making a few hundred bucks at a time.

Why no one has thought of a Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa option for us is beyond me. We think it is an absolute no-brainer of a deal. After looking at the margins the real estate companies operate on, it is clear that there is deftly room for improvement in the pricing. While the rates that we offer may be extremely low, we’re extremely passionate about what we do. Is our passion to be old provide as many Oklahomans the affordable home selling that they need to make sure that they stay financially stable throughout their life.

We offer flat rate real estate because we do not think that selling your home should be a financially crippling endeavor. We think that it should be a freeing experience that either that’s you out even on your home’s equity, if not provide you a little cushion. Make sure that you are profitable whenever you sell your home is one of our biggest goals. This is what drives us each and every day to provide you the excellent customer service that you deserve.

To manage of a close very first flat rate real estate company all you have to do is visit our website same. You’re going to find out not only how our service works, but little bit about our company and where it came from. We think that we have a very interesting origin story that you would love to read. Once you decide to save money when selling your home please gives call at (781) 667-0436.