One of the best benefits you’re going to receive from Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa is that we are going to give you transparent real estate commissions. Whenever we first meet with you we are going to agree upon a price for listing your home. This way you know exactly what you’re going to be charged whenever we sell your home. The matter if we have to raise or lower the price of your house after this initial meeting, we are going to charge you that same rate. This ensures that we are giving you transparent pricing when it comes to your home selling needs.

In addition to transparent realtor commissions, Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa has many other great benefits. This is because it in order to receive these services you’re going to sign up with Sam Adams Realty and we are going to give you nothing but the highest level of service each and every time. On top of us being absolutely great at what we do, we are going save you more money than anyone else. This is because most realtors operate in a vague area of 3 to 6% commissions based on the final suppressive your home. We have found these margins one justified back whenever the Internet was first around and even before then, today’s technology has made this unnecessary. Realtors are having to work less and make more due to the high nature of homes cost. In the low nature of technology expediting our services. This is why we are committed providing you low-cost alternatives to standard realtors.

If you want us to provide you with Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa at the very most transparent way ever all you need do is take advantage of our $1000 offer to sell your home for this amazing price. This is a limited offer that is not going to be around, so make sure you take advantage of it today. This offer is the lowest price you will ever see a home listed and sold for. Also the pricing structure does not get any more transparent than this, as we are telling you right now exactly what we are going to make off the sale of your home. $1000, that’s it. No ifs, ands or buts, with no fees on the backend.

Speaking of hidden fees, that is another thing that most people assume is associated with our low flat fee. We are here to tell you that there is absolutely no hidden fees or costs whenever using our services. While we do charge extra for a few have on features that are not included with the standard package, we are also going to charge below-market rates for the services. The pricing of these options are also going to be this close to you upfront and clearly stated.

To take advantage of our transparent pricing all you need to do is visit our website. Whenever you go to you can find out information about our company and how you take advantage of our amazing promotions. To speak to a real estate agent about our fun thousand dollars promotion all you need do is gives call. Whenever you ring our phone you are letting freedom ring at (781) 667-0436.

Whenever you sign up with our service so that we can Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa your home you are not going to ever give us a penny more than $4444. This is the Maxim price that we were going to charge anyone to sell their home. We have found that this is more than efficient for us to operate in the green on our business. That is how greedy and outrageous your realtors pricing currently is. To get away from this all you need to do is start using our Sam Adams Realty. This will make sure that you do not ever suffer from exorbitant real estate prices ever again.

If you want us to sell your home for a flat rate real estate Tulsa only need to do is get contact with us. This is the first step to unlocking the amazing benefits of selling your home for less. To do this you can visit our website fill out a contact form. This form is going to allow us to schedule your free consultation today. That’s right we are going to offer you away with absolutely no risk to you to find out how we’re going to sell your home for less. While your our website you may check out our other amazing promotion that is sure to grab your attention.

The other Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa promotion that we are offering that is sure to grab your attention is our $1000 deal. This deal is where we are going to sell your home and listed for only $1000. That’s right we only make $1000 whenever we list your home and as before all of our costs are taken out. This ensures the you’re never going to have your home sold for any less. It also certainly means that we are going sell your home for well below our maximum price of $4444. Whenever you take advantage of this offer you are going to be getting it on one of the best deals the real estate market has ever seen.

The only way the you would ever pay more than $4444 to sell your home is the stage. In this case you’re going to be paying 3 to 6% of the final sell price your home. That means that on a $200,000 home you could be paying around $13,000 in real estate fees. Or you could pay much less and use our company to us your home. The decision is up to you, have we would recommend going with lower cost alternative, as is not going to sacrifice the quality in any way. In fact you are more likely to make more net money selling your home with us then you would otherwise. You’re also going to have your home sold in the fastest amount of days possible whenever you as your home with us, because we are going to be a list your home a more competitive price due to the vast amount of money that we are saving you.

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