We provide Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa for the very first time. That’s right before us, there is never been a flat rate real estate provider here in Tulsa. It is always been offering and often commissioned a sales for realtors. While this is an outstanding model for realtors, it is not so great for home buyers and sellers. This is part of the reason the buying and selling market as been driven so high in the recent years. As home cost of climb so have the fees that realtors are able to collect. Whenever a realtor is a able to charge you 3 to 6% on the sale price of your home your guaranteed to lose each and every time. This could lead to commissions three a realtor that are in the five digit range.

If you want to avoid huge realtor fees by using the only Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa provider then sign up as a Mounds Realty. We are going to be old provide you amazing benefits time coming in. In addition to the flat rate real estate option that we are going to give you, we are going to do the very best job selling your home. This is because we have an in-house web design team that is going to be old provide you with quality listings across the Internet. By making sure that your listing is plastered all over the place with a high quality page, your house is going to sell for the absolute most in the fastest amount of time possible. This is the benefits that you receive whenever you hire same out Realty, and no one else.

Do you wonder what the process is like whenever you hire Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa provider Sam out Realty? What we are going to do is we are going to take the next step in selling your home and provide you with the photo/video/drone services the you need for listing. We will then sign a listing agreement that allows us the exclusive rights to list your home. After this we are going to sell your house. That’s right it’s as simple as 1-2-3 and bone your home sold for the lowest price possible.

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If you’re ready to sell your home do not go anywhere else of the same out Realty. That is because we are the only Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa provider in the state. That’s right not only were the only flat rate real estate provider in Tulsa, but all of Oklahoma. We are the first ones come the market with this revolutionary new product to make sure the you take advantage of it if you sell your home in the near future. We want to have your listing sold for the lowest amount Prospal out of your pocket.

If you’re ready to sell your home our Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa real estate company Sam Adams really is going to sell it for the most portable realtor fee on earth. That’s right we do not believe that we only have the best prices know,, but the entire world. This because we are offering right now the most amazing promotion you’ll ever see in any industry. This is the offer to sell your home for just $1000. While our average customer say is over $4010 whenever they sell their home with us, this is based upon our guaranteed to never sell your home for more than $4444. That means you are getting an additional $3000 of additional savings on top of we normally save our customers. This can be a savings of an average of $7000 total!. If you don’t think this $1000 deal is the best offer you are ever going to see that in your holding out for high wishes.

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That’s right not only are we going to assignee the most low-cost Realty services in America, or perhaps even the whole world, but we are going to provide you an entire team instead of one realtor. We have found this is a much more effective methods selling homes. Why have one realtor when you could have several. Our team is going to be dedicated and focused on making sure that we sell your home for the highest price for charging you the least amount.

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