If you find yourself asking why a flat rate real estate Tulsa company exist? Do you wonder exactly what kind of crazy minds could come up with such an innovative concept? Let us assure you that it was the brainchild of two of the most successful business people in Tulsa. This is going to be claim Vanessa Clark. They are the founders of successful local Tulsa company such as DJ connection, Thrive 15 business school, and many other highly regarded businesses. They decided to combine their extensive experience in real estate with their extreme success in implementing scalable business solutions right people a low-cost option for real estate transactions.

This is where flat rate real estate Tulsa came to fruition. They decided to form Sam Adams real if he because they had poor expenses realtors in the past. On top of bad service, they felt like they were absolutely having it stuck to them each time they sold their properties. This began whenever they sold their $220,000 home many years ago. This one of their first homes that they sold and they ended up paying a 6% commission on the entire transaction because the buyer did not have a real estate agent. In this case you are stuck with paying both sides of the real estate cost, which ended up being $13,200.

The next time that Clay and Vanessa purchased a home they were really wishing for a flat rate real estate Tulsa option. This is because they end up having to pay 3% commissions on a $666000 home. This means that they are out-of-pocket $19,800. This is in addition to the other $19,800 that the other real estate agent for the buyer was provided. It turns out that neither real estate agent was very competent in the sale of his home. This is because the home they purchased was later determined to have massive problems, and were glanced over by both real estate agents. One of them happened even lose their license because of the negligence provided.

This is why they decided to go into not only form a flat rate real estate option, but one that is all going to honestly serve their customers. They wanted to make sure that people do not have the same horrifying experiences with real estate agents that they had had. They committed to make sure that they had real estate agents who are properly trained not only in the marketing and selling of a home, but also were high-quality people that were going to truly take care of their home buyers and sellers. All of this is what led to the creation of Sam Adams Realty.

Whenever you want flat rate real estate that was created by Tulsa’s Premier power couple all you need to do is visit our website. Whenever you go to rose website you’re going to be old to learn more about the story of where we came from and why we are here. After reading our story you may be inclined to list your home, or purchase your new home through us. To do so all you need to do is pick up the phone and speak with one of our real estate agent five on the phone by dialing (781) 667-0436.

Of were being honest on the real reason why there is a flat rate real estate Tulsa option, is simply because our owner’s had the bad real estate experience multiple times. They do not only have bad experiences with the financial side of the way that the home was sold, and high commissions that they had to pay out, but they had serious issues with the services provided to him. Not only were the real estate agents unfriendly, unknowledgeable, and incompetent but they also cost Clay and Vanessa some serious cheddar.

Nothing will make you wish for a flat rate real estate Tulsa option than paying out nearly $20,000 in realtor fees, along with another 20,000 paid out by the other party. While this is cringe worthy enough, how about the home that you are purchasing, ends up having massive issues. How massive you might ask yourself? What if I told you they were so massive that even though the realtor on both sides of the transaction glossed over them, that one of them ended up losing their license over it. That’s right after purchasing one of their most recent homes, Clay and Vanessa were victims of such negligence that a real estate agent literally lost their license. While this is an excusable, this sort of thing happens all the time. All the while real estate agents continue to earn commissions upwards of $10,000 per transaction. There is absolutely no reason for this, and we are set out to change it.

Another time that our owners wish that they had a fiery real estate Tulsa agency was whenever they sold one of the very first homes. This because upon selling their home for $220,000 they were stuck with a bill for $13,200 which was an entire 6% of their home sale value. This is because the other end the transaction have a real estate agent. This left the entire 6% fee to fall on the seller. This is when they first began considering going into real estate and charging people a flat rate. This is even before they had not only received negligent and bad service from a realtor, but also extreme pricing.

Is our owner’s opinion that there is not a house in this world that is worth a $30,000 sales commission. However based upon current standard operating procedures in the industry, a $500,000 house would pay a commission of at least $30,000. That is because no matter how you split it, 6% of 500,000 comes out that amount. Whether 15 of that falls on the buyer, in 15 balls on the seller due to a two realtor transaction, or one side has to pay out the full 30,000 this is ridiculous. That’s why we are committed to selling houses for no more than $4444 each and every time. You can even have your home sold for less than that based upon its value.

Whenever you are ready to check out the flat rate real estate Tulsa deals that we are going to build offer all you need to do is visit our website. While our website you’re also going to realize that we are currently running a promotion to sell your home for $1000. This is going to be front and center on our homepage on Samadamsrealty.com. If you would like to call us and ask us some of the details that go into this promotion please feel free to gives call at (781) 667-0436.