Here Sam Adams Realty we were established to that we could revolutionize the world works by starting with real estate transactions. We have instituted a Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa, so that anybody comes to us there. More than $4444 on any transaction. Any real estate transaction is At that, and right now you actually more than $2000 for a limited time. But here and Sam Adams Realty we were established because we want to stand up to spending too much were hard-earned cash and real estate by instituting a new revolutionary flat rate system here in Tulsa. You get the same incredible real estate agents and services that you get whenever you come to our agency, the only thing is that you pay a flat rate. Don’t let them for you and other agencies, it is possible, they are just not willing to do it but we here at Sam Adams Realty are.

When it comes to the core values are companies based on, our Constitution here at Sam Adams Realty is that we hold these truths to be self-evident: we are based on system and team driven excellence. We have multiple agents assigned existing so that any in contact an agent on any given day. Whenever agents have today off, symbiosis working city consistently which a member the team whenever you have needs. On top of that we are always going to overdeliver. Although we realize here Sam Adams Realty that we are not perfect, our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients every day. We do this with our extensive list of services that we offer that you can find elsewhere on this website. So that includes photography, videography, and marketing materials with in-house design teams and searching optimization team as well as highly qualified real estate agents there always available and ready to show you what a Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa system can do for you.

Last of our Constitution states that we have mutually beneficial deals or no deal. We believe that all deals must be benefiting the buyer the seller in the real estate or is not a good deal. We also realize that our values are systems and processes no matter if it does not result in selling your home in an efficient manner which is why we put a massive focus on marketing the properties for you by utilizing a Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa approach.

These the core values that we focus on here Sam Adams Realty, and all we want to make sure that you understand there’s no catch, you’re always going to pay no more than $4444 on any one single real estate transaction and if you like to talk to Realty agent because you believe it too good to be true, then you can always get touch with on because we provide for patients. Give us call anytime and we can set up a consultation no charge.

If you’re interested in what we had offer, the give us call anytime at 781-667-0436 can always go to the website for more information at which has mortgage cater, our listings, more information about our company will come from our founding father and more.

Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa | Half The Price, Twice The Quality

If you looking for a real estate agency in Tulsa, then check out what we do with our Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa at Sam Adams Realty. Here Sam Adams Realty, we are the highest and most reviewed real estate agency in Tulsa today, so if you want to help revolutionize the way real estate transactions are done to be a part of what were offering here at Sam Adams Realty with a flat rate fee for any real estate transaction that will never be more than $4444.44. While the force? Well is the most patriotic number we can think of, and it is still over 50% less on average than your typical traditional real estate transaction elsewhere. Just because you getting it for over half the price and you’re getting quality. Here Sam Adams Realty, quality is paramount everything we do in actually want to make sure that we overdeliver and that is one of our core values here at Sam Adams Realty.

Here in Sam Adams Realty, like Samuel Adams himself for trying to revolutionize something here. We want to make sure that you understand that this is a Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa, and not a scam. This is totally possible any other agency anywhere, however the one you do it because they make a lot more money going to traditional route and charging you a percentage of your real estate transaction. Here were proving that is totally possible to provide flat rates for any can a real estate transaction here., Of our core values is also the fact that we make mutually beneficial deals or no deals at all because we firmly believe that it should benefit all parties involved that would include the buyer to seller and the real state agent.

When it comes to quality though, were set on overdeliver in, so if you want to try out our Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa approach, they get touch with us a call anytime could you get a free consultation. We can build go over all the options we have for you, and you will speak to a real real estate agent that is fully qualified experience, and can help you with buying is on negotiations, pre-home cell home staging, home showing and touring, lead generation in prospect, in-depth market analysis and then our agency also has many more resources available to you including an in-house web development team, and in-house search engine optimization team, interactive professional video you become a social media marketing experts, powerful Internet advertising team interactive 3-D home and tours upon request.

That’s just the start of what we do here Sam Adams Realty and if you want to see what all the fuss is about, come check us out as the highest and most reviewed real estate agency in Tulsa today, and give us call here Sam Adams Realty of that we can set up your free consultation and we can prove the right from the start with an incredible value we are walls of providing you with twice the amount of quality service that you would get at a typical real estate agency.

I do is get touch by calling us at 781-667-0436 or you go directly to the website at for all this information plus much more.