Did you know there is only one Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa based company in Oklahoma? To our knowledge there is not another come any that operates on this system in the entire nation. This makes us truly unique and innovative is not the only reason. Another huge reason why we are the very best will you do is because of our in-house web team. They’re going to be very few real estate companies that are going to be able offer you this internal service. This is guaranteed to help you save money in the allow us to provide you with an affordable listing that is going to do a great job.

If our Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa realty company was not committed to providing you with excellence, do you really think that we would have in house web? This web team is going to do a fantastic job of providing you with a high quality listing that is going to help your home sell faster. Not only is it going to make sure that your home sells in a quick fashion, but is also going to make sure that you have a listing that is going to fetch the highest price for your home. We’re going to use our photography company that is the regions very best at real estate photo taking and use those photos on our webpages. This is going to only aid and assist our in-house web team realize your properties full potential and make sure that your listing is of the highest quality. Photos are considered the most key component when listing a home, so make sure that you use the best.

Another way that our Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa company is going to be able to provide you with consistent and excellent quality is by not only using our in-house marketing team, but also many of the other amazing features that we are going to be able to provide you that others will not. This includes things like engaged professional flyer design, drone videography, and interactive video towards. These are all things the you’re going to be able to take care of in-house that would otherwise typically be done by a third-party company that would charging outrageous price. By controlling these ourselves, we are going to build offer you affordable options for some the most key components to a quality listing.

Our real estate agents are also going to be able to help you with your buyer seller negotiations and pre-selling homes staging. This is going to make sure that your home is ready for photos and viewing right away. We’re going to provide the services to you at the very highest level. This is because we take pride in training our real estate agents to be the best.

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If you are looking for company that operates based off of a Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa that provides you with the lowest cost option to sell your home then look no further than Sam Adams Realty. We are able offer you this service that is going to be able to save you tons of money because of the fact that we are not only skill that we do a highly efficient, but because your realtors are currently overcharging you. How much of the overcharging you? Based on the fact that we are able to run a profitable business while saving our customers an average of $4010 per transaction speaks to the outrageous rates that they are charging. This is just an average that we are able to save our customers. This does not take into account the customers that we would charge just a few thousand dollars to that end up spending $15-$30,000 to have their home listed and sold.

We truly believe that Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa is the future for real estate listings. This is because the work that goes into a real estate listing and selling a home is not what used to be. However the current pricing model that is currently in place for most real estate companies happens to be the archaic 3 to 6% of a final sales price. While this was a fair price about 20 or 30 years ago, the advancements in technology have allowed us to more easily list and sell homes than ever before. This means that we are able to sell more homes each year, on smaller margins to add up to a same great profitability. We would rather impact thousands of people’s lives positively I charging them small pieces of their homes, then sell one or two homes a year and make huge margins. This is a absolutely insane bottle to us, as we truly believe the customer should come first in any transaction.

Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa is going to provide you the ability to list your home for a fair price. You do not need to have your home listed and then paid to the thousands of dollars to somebody that is going to do the same amount of work that we are for just a few thousand dollars. This is completely pointless, and is unnecessary for you to be paying more for the same services that we are going to provide you. Not only are we going to provide the same services as any other company, we are going to do so at a more highly expert level. This is because we have an entire web marketing team and content creation team behind you whenever you as your home with us.

The affirmation marketing and web team is going to be a behind you has a proven track record. After serving as the primary marketing company that is driving some of the most profitable businesses in the nation, we have the proven results to claim that we are going to make sure that your listing is as well marketed as any other in the world. We currently provide marketing services to over 300 profitable businesses.

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