If you’re looking for flat rate real estate Tulsa you only have one option. That is going to be Sam Adams Realty. Is because no other real estate company in the entire state is providing their customers with a single rate for selling their property. Typically their commission is tied to a percentage of the home sale price. While this is outstanding for the realtor, it is not usually so good for the person selling their home. It often times these up every bit of equity they have in the property. This is why we are committed to selling your home for no more than $4444. At no point we’re home ever exceed that cost to sell.

If you’re interested in flat rate real estate Tulsa all you need to do is visit our website schedule your free consultation. This consultation is not only going to explain each and every benefit you’re going to receive from having your home sold with Sam Adams Realty but is also going to go over just how much money we are going to be able save you. Most people do not realize how much they are going into paying a realtor to sell their home. Did you know that on a $220,000 home, which is one of the most common price ranges from to selling, the real estate commissions can be as much is $13,000? That’s right but we are willing to sell a home at that price for less than $4444 many of our leading competitors are going to charge you over $10,000.

In addition to being the only flat rate real estate Tulsa option, we believe that we are honestly Tulsa is very best realtors. This because we do not sell your home with a single real estate agent managing your listing, but entire team. This ensures that our real estate agents are not only well rested able to serve you to the best of their ability each and every time they are working, but also that your listing is never unavailable. By having a rotating team of realtors available to show your listing and respond to questions that you or a prospective buyer may have, we are going to make sure that your property sells as quickly as possible.

The other reason why we are the very best flat rate option for your Tulsa real estate cells, is because we have an entire of in-house marketing team. That’s right we handle all of our marketing in-house do not have to pay additional service fees for things such as photos, videography, and drum video. We’re also going to be able to offer you for additional fees things such as world-class interactive three-dimensional home towards. This is an amazing feature that especially for a higher in property is going to truly unlock the potential to show off what you’ve got. It will allow people to see exactly what the homes layout looks like.

Whenever you decide the you want to sell your home for a low flat rate in contact with us immediately. This because if you want so your home for flat rate we are your only option. Go to the only flat rate real estate companies website today on Samadamsrealty.com. To speak to one of our realtors live on the phone we encourage you to gives a call at (781) 667-0436.

We are offering flat rate real estate Tulsa utilizing our 44 more promotion. This means that we are going to provide you your home listing for no more than $4444. This is the best rate your ever going to see a home listed four. This will allow you many amazing benefits. One of them being that while we are the cheapest real estate option, we also believe that we are some of the best realtors in the area. Is because we practice more diligent, harder working, and more practical systems to selling a home. This in addition to the fact that we have our own in-house marketing team, or some the reasons we are going to build sell your home the best for the cheapest.

Whenever you take advantage of our 4 for more deal at Sam Adams Realty you’re going to build sell your house for the lowest price possible due to our Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa. This because no other company is going to be able to charge you any less then we are. This by the fact that most real estate companies charge you a bare minimum of at least 3%. It is not uncommon and also have to pay a total of 6% on your home sale price. This can cost you tens of thousands of dollars depending on the final surprise your home. To avoid this we need to do is sign up with a realtor that is going to charge you one low flat rate.

If you did not hire a Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa option to list your home in your house sells for $500,000 you could be on the hook for between 15 and $30,000 worth of real estate fees. If that sounds absolutely crazy to you then you are going to deftly be a good candidate for our ongoing promotion. This is are guaranteed to you that we are never going to sell your home for any more than $4444 of cost to you. This is going to allow you to keep more of your home’s equity that you have built up over time. It is our belief that there is not a homeless world that is difficult or time-consuming enough assist cell that warrants a $30,000 commission. Call us crazy, but we think the real estate market is ready for some revolution!.

In addition to our 4 for more promotion we are also going to provide you service like British tea, we go overboard. This is because we want to make sure that your listing is sold as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means we are not only going to sell your home at a price that is going to put the most money back in your pocket, but we are going to sell quicker than anyone else. We’re going to do this by making sure that we have your home list on any such as possible using the multiple listing service. This going for your home on some of the most popular listing sites out there.

Whenever it’s time so your next real estate property, you need to contact us. This because we are going to sell your home faster and cheaper than anyone else. This can make sure the most money and up in your pocket. Let us help you out by scheduling your free consultation today. You can do this by going to Samadamsrealty.com or giving us call at (781) 667-0436.