Our goal of flat rate real estate Tulsa is going to be fixing the broken real estate system that is currently in place. This because traditional real estate system is grossly over charging its Oklahoma customers. There is no reason for today’s day and age real estate agents are charging a 3 to 6% commission on each home that they sell. This oftentimes on larger home such as houses that are $500,000 leads to real estate commissions between 15 and $30,000. It has been our experience that in today’s day and age with the technology available in the wide disbursement of information on the Internet, that there is not enough work to be done to provide these types of commissions.

Because real estate is more time and work efficient than it used to be, flat rate real estate Tulsa is now a more reasonable offer. While used to be a little more justifiable to take 3 to 6% during the sale of the home, it is just not the case anymore. Because of technology advancements greatly reducing the amount of legwork that a realtor must put into each home listing, they’re just simply is not enough to justify their high prices. This why we came in the market and introduced an offer to sell people’s homes for no more than $4444. Providing this flat rate fee is going to be able to save our customers on average about $4010 per transaction. This means that there is more money in your pocket at the end of day.

Because of a home being one of the biggest purchases you will ever make in the largest personal investment that the majority of Americans make you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal on it. You’re only going to be able to do this if you are not in the line by real estate commissions. This is why you need to employ a flat rate real estate Tulsa option. They are going to only charge you a predetermined rate to buy or sell your home. This could potentially save you tens of thousand dollars depending on the price range of your home. We are going to sit down with you ahead of listing your home and agree to a bid that allows us to sell your home for a set price.

The reason that we are able offer this service and other realtors are not are for two reasons. One is due to efficiency that we have and running not only our real estate company, but many other successful businesses. Because we have learned how to be diligent and make sure that we implement scalable successful business practices we’re going to be able to save you money. This combined with the fact that we are not going to get greedy and try and take a large chunk of your proceeds after selling your home are the reason we are able to offer this. Make sure that we never get greedy and is the way that we make sure that we are able to operate off of a flat rate real estate model.

If you want to find an example some of the properties that we have listed you can feel free to visit our website. Whenever you go to our website and click on find your property search, we are going to be old to show you some of the homes we currently have listed. You can find these by going to Samadamsrealty.com. If you have any questions about the properties that we have listed or would like to list your own property give us a call at (781) 667-0436.

The people behind offering Flat Rate Real Estate Tulsa is Tulsa’s premier power couple claim Vanessa Clark. While they have grown and overseen nearly 10 successful businesses in the Tulsa area one of their most proudest achievements has been the flat rate real estate they offer. This is because it was born out of frustration and a realization that there were no quality options in the industry. After having bought and sold several different homes, a were tired of living with the reality of high real estate commissions. Because a real estate agent takes 3 to 6% of a home’s final sale price from either the buyer seller people often times lose all of the equity have established their home. This can be financially devastating for many.

The first time the cars had a poor interaction with a real estate agent the did not operate off of a flat rate real estate Tulsa model was whenever they sold one of their very first homes. This was a $220,000 home that they were charged a total of $13,200 to have listed and sold. To them after seeing the work that went into a, they were not satisfied with the results. They feel like they had been taken advantage of and they began wondering if they could do something to prevent this from happening in others.

The next unfortunate interaction that the cards had with real estate agents who are not offering a flat rate real estate Tulsa option came on their next home purchase. At this point they were in the process of purchasing a $660,000 home. At this point they were charged a $19,800 fee, or 3%, for the purchase of this home. This was due to the fact that they were on the hook for 3% as well is the seller. That means that there is a total of nearly $40,000 in commissions were paid out on this deal. Meanwhile they did not get acceptable quality services, as it was quickly discovered that the home had made the major issues. These were completely glossed over by the realtors who were supposed to be in charge of catching such issues. This negligence was so egregious in fact that one of the real estate agents ended up losing their Oklahoma real estate license over the deal. This was not until after he had received almost $20,000 in commissions however.

After these disastrous experiences using these realtors, claim Vanessa’s decided the go out and make sure that other Oakland did not suffer this fate. This is whenever they said established pulses very first flat rate real estate model. They did this so that they can make sure that homes were being sold for reasonable prices. There also going to be in control make sure that only qualified real estate agents who were diligent and responsible were selling homes. They knew that they could fill a huge hole the market by providing Oklahomans with the services.

If you want to hear more about claim Vanessa story we encourage you to visit our website. Whenever you go to Samadamsrealty.com click on our story tab you will be able to see more. If you like to call and speak with one of our real estate agents, or potential even claim Vanessa please call (781) 667-0436.