We thoroughly believe that is a real estate agent’s job to make sure we are bending over backwards and going overboard to help you in any way that we can. This includes going out to almost anywhere to look at the house, whether that is to show it, or help you see if it is the home for you. On top of all this we know that if you are trying to Find Flat Rate Real Estate Agent Tulsa, that we will be able to help you better than anyone else.

Our real estate agents have gone out to places such as Bigsby, Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Catoosa, and even Bartlesville. We already did go to the ends of the earth in order to make sure that we help those in our region find what they need. We also guarantee that when you look to Find Flat Rate Real Estate Agent Tulsa you will find that we are the best. We know that selling a house is hard enough, let alone trying to get you to find a place that will service in your area. This is why we guarantee our real estate agents will go out of their way to help you were ever your house is.

At Sam Adams Realty we are making sure we are putting you first. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, we will make sure that we are putting you and your family first. So when you are looking to buy your dream home, we know that we will be able to help you find it and for a good price. On the other hand if you are looking to sell your house, and are looking to Find Flat Rate Real Estate Agent Tulsa, we guarantee a flat rate of $4444.44 as a total commission max. We know that we can promise that you will never pay us more than that, which makes is already better for you than our competition. It’s high time we through the other real estate agents overboard. We are ready to start our own Boston Tea Party, and we are starting with those outrageous commission rates.

We know that on average we can save our clients upwards of $4000 per transaction. We know that with $4000 that can be a down payment on a car, it can even be the vehicle to get you to that vacation that you have been wanting to take for several years. Or if you want to be really revolutionary you can always just put that in your bank account. Along with the goal of save our customers as much as possible, we also want to make sure we are revolutionizing the real estate industry because we know that it is messed up. We know that those bills and aids are looking to make as much commission as possible to put in their bank accounts, which is just not right.

We know through our guarantee of our flat rate of $4444.44 as well as our limited time offer of selling your home for just $1000, we will be the best option for you to sell your home. We guarantee that are experienced real estate agents will make sure that you are getting not only the best deal on your house, making sure you are paying the lowest commission rate possible. We also will determine your home’s value at no additional cost, it comes with our services in general. Give us a call today at 781-667-0436 or visit Samadamsrealty.com to schedule your free consultation today and get preapproved if need be.

A common question that we are often asked by our clients, is how can you actually offer to sell my house for that little amount? The reason we can do this is because we pride ourselves in making sure you pay us as little amount of commission rates as possible, the way that we guarantee this is making sure you never pay us more than $4444.44. We know that if you are looking to Find Flat Rate Real Estate Agent Tulsa we are the best choice.

The reason we can guarantee this is because of our founders’ mission and goals. Because of the terrible experience that our founders Vanessa and Clay Clark experience, they wanted to make sure that no one else ever had to experience that ever again. With the real estate agents costly trying to jack up their price by adding commission rates that would put more than $12,000 in their own pocket, they they get tired of the games past. They then began their mission to find Find Flat Rate Real Estate Agent Tulsa. What they found was a very lackluster amount of people who are willing to put you first person themselves. Finding this as well as the amount and percentage of commission rates that are typically charged by real estate agents, they were outraged.

More determined than ever, they decided it was high time for them to begin their own business that would put the buyer or seller first. Our company is extremely family oriented and want to make sure that whatever we do for you, we are putting you and your family first. At Sam Adams Realty we know we can guarantee that you will not be able to Find Flat Rate Real Estate Agent Tulsa, that will be able to beat us. We know this because of the fact that we offer the flat rate of the $4044.44 as well as the fact that we save our clients an average of $4000 per transaction with us. We also know that because the average real estate agent as a 3% or 6% commission on the entire transaction, that we are saving more money than they ever will.

For example if you were wanting to sell a $500,000 you would typically pay a minimum of 3% commission if you are bad at math like me, that’s an average of about $15,000 straight into the pocket of that real estate agent. Think of all the things you can do with $15,000! That’s more money than my car is worth, after tag price. I could’ve paid my car off at the moment that I fought it with cash, and still had $5000 left over. I could’ve fulfilled my long lost dream of traveling the country with my mother and father instead of paying that $15,000 to that real estate agent. So why would you pass up on doing something you’ve always wanted to do, by paying a ridiculous amount of commission to a real estate agent?

We promise that no matter what you are doing with us, whether that is buying or selling a home, we will make sure that we are treating you unapologetically at the highest level. We know that many people will not try and do back bends and jump through hoops just to try and help you find what works best for you, however we want to be the outlier. Give us a call at 781-667-0436 today and talk to one of our team members to see just why we are different, or visit Samadamsrealty.com to schedule your free consultation with us today.