When you choose to sell your house with Sam Adams Realty you will find that we will make sure you sell your house for the best price, and we’re not going to jack up your rates just so we can make good commission. Our goal is to make sure that you are paying us as little as possible in commission rates, which is why we guarantee that the max you will pay is $4444.44 on any of our services. Because of this fact we know that if you are looking to Find Flat Rate Real Estate Agent Tulsa we are the best option.

On top of making sure you will never pay over $4500, we also save our clients an average of over $4000 per transaction. What would you do with $4000? We know that in order to Find Flat Rate Real Estate Agent Tulsa, you need to look no further than us. We know that by saving you $4000 we can help you put a down payment on a car, or even go on a trip to the islands. There are so many different things that you can do with that extra money, do not worry however we will not judge you no matter what you pick.

The most real estate agents will charge you to determine your homes value on top of just helping you sell your house, that comes included in our services. We will not only make sure that we are giving you the best deal on your home, but also making sure that we can help you find the best potential buyer. We make sure to list any local homes that are up for sale as well as ones sold and easy to find place on our website, which makes it exponentially more possible for a buyer to find your home. We know that when someone is looking to Find Flat Rate Real Estate Agent Tulsa that they are going to end up finding us, and inevitably they will stay with us.

We can say this with confidence because of not only our goal and core values behind our business, but also because we know what we can offer you. At Sam Adams Realty we believe consumers are paying way too much on real estate commissions and this is why we are proud to be the only real estate company on this planet celebrating the fact that you will never pay us more than $4444.44. You’ll never pay more than that whether it’s to sell and/or buy a house. While most real estate agents will charge you either 3% or 6% of whatever house you’re buying, we do not do percentage commissions. So you have an idea of what you can save by going with us, if you were trying sell a home that was $500,000 you would pay a minimum of at least $15,000 to the real estate agent, which would be on the low end of the 3% commission. Why on earth does a real estate agent need to make $15,000 on one transaction? We do not know either.

When you’re ready to give the other realtors the boot, give us a call at 781-667-0436 or visit Samadamsrealty.com to speak with one of our representatives or schedule your free consultation. We know that you are going to be making the right choice because we are focused on revolutionizing the real estate industry in our region. We want to make sure that we are giving you the best experience, and are changing the way things are run in a way that benefits you, the buyer or seller of your home.

When you are looking to find Find Flat Rate Real Estate Agent Tulsa, make sure you look at Sam Adams Realty. If you are anything like my family and I you have been through some tough times trying to sell, or even just look at what it would take to sell a house when someone has passed. When it comes time to sell a loved one’s home, we know that can be not only stressful, but heavily emotional. You’ve already lost someone, why should you have the added anxiety of trying to deal with a real estate agent who is trying to jack you around and rip you off?

When my grandmother moved into our house with us we had to sell her home. Not only did it take months to do, but it was in endless cycle of anxiety on my mother who already has problems with that. Her stress levels were through the roof, she had to get more blood pressure medicine and she was constantly frustrated. She looked everywhere she could think to try and Find Flat Rate Real Estate Agent Tulsa, to no avail. I know now that if we ever have to go through that again, or even in a happy circumstance try to buy a new house, we will go to Sam Adams Realty.

It’s so sad and tiring to watch as the person who is trying to take care of that estate wither away into stress related panics. Watching them pace around the living room talking to various people trying to figure out why they cannot find anyone who would try to buy the home. If we had gone with Sam Adams Realty they would have put our home on their website with all local home listings that are available as well as sold, which helps potential buyers find you a lot easier. We now know that in order to Find Flat Rate Real Estate Agent Tulsa, all you need to do is look up Sam Adams Realty. It’s time to take the stress out of real estate, and that’s what they aim to do.

Their goal is to not only make sure that they help you find, or sell your house, but to also make sure that you are getting exactly what you need and making sure that you pay them as little as possible. They are more concerned that you find what you need for you and your family than putting more money in their pockets, which is why they guarantee that they guarantee that you will never pay them more than $4444.44. They want everyone to come and experience their amazingly revolutionary service that they offer. All of their agents are knowledgeable and full-service, they also offer world-class photography and compelling videography, as well as Internet marketing.

They want to revolutionize the real estate industry, in a way that helps benefit the buyer or seller of a home. They do everything the way that they do in order to help benefit you, whether that is funny dream home, or selling your house for the best price in a nonstressful way. They know that through their guarantee of the $4444.44 flat rate, that they are going to be the competition time and time again. And right now for limited time they are also offering to sell your home for only $1000. Give them a call today at 781-667-0436 or visit Samadamsrealty.com to schedule your free consultation and get preapproved today.