If you’re interested in using one of our Cheap Tulsa Real Estate Agents to sell your home Sam Adams Realty is ready to speak with you! Our highly trained and highly skilled real estate agents will give you the best chance at selling your home both quickly and at the price you want. We want to make sure that we are transparent and letting our customers know that we are making

a flat rate commission on your home. This means we are less likely to keep your home held hostage on the market for several months asking a higher than realistic price. This motivates us to price your home to sell, while saving you enough on the commission side that you are able to competitively price your home so that it will sell quickly while maintaining your profit margins.

Our Cheap Tulsa Real Estate Agents will do an absolutely fantastic job helping you find the home of your dreams! Due to selling homes on a flat rate commission basis this helps current homeowners list their homes at a lower rate than they otherwise would have to. This means huge savings for potential homebuyers! Let us help you get in on the savings today. This is a part of our commitment to making sure that any to is mutually beneficial for all parties involved including the homebuyer. By creating savings for the home owner by selling the home at such a low rate we create room for a bargain to be had by the homebuyer.

We can help consumers determine the value of their home with our Cheap Tulsa Real Estate Agents assistance. If you like the number that we come back with we will be happy to list your home for a low flat rate. Selling your home at such a low cost will make sure it sells quickly! Gone are the days of a house sitting on the market for month-to-month at a time. We would like to make sure that your home sells as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are committed to making sure that you never pay us more than $4444 when we sell your home for you. This is one of the greatest bargains in the entire industry and will make for a great opportunity to retain some of the equity in your home. Right now we have a special promotion going on where we will sell your home for $1000. That’s right no one else is selling homes for $1000 flat rate commission fee. If you would like to take it up on this offer please contact us today and speak with one of our outstanding real estate agents.

All you have to do to take advantage of these amazing opportunities is call into our office at (781) 667-0436. Our highly trained staff will assist you in getting your home listed in the right places for the right price. If you’d like to get more information on us as a company at Sam out of Realty just visit our webpage Samadamsrealty.com and click on our story. This will tell you the reason we exist, which is to save you money!

By utilizing our amazing Cheap Tulsa Real Estate Agents we guarantee that you will never ever pay more than $4591.11. This is the absolute maximum top dollar that you will pay us to sell your home regardless of what the final sale price is. We will make sure that we sell your home at a price that allows you to retain some of the equity as well as pass them along to a potential new homeowner. This is what makes our job so great by creating win-win situations for everyone involved! Flattery commissions allow us to be open and transparent with how much money our company will make off the deal.

If you would like us to find a great quality home for you at an amazing low price with the assistance of one of our Cheap Tulsa Real Estate Agents give us a ring today. One of our customer service representatives will get you set up one of our free consultations with our expertly trained realtors. As Sam Adams Realty we make sure that not just the home seller is taking care of. We like to make sure that all three parties involved in the transaction are all equally mutually beneficial. This ensures that no matter what everyone gets a fair deal and everyone walks away from the table happy and healthy.

If you would like us to assist you in determining your home’s value one of our absolutely amazing Cheap Tulsa Real Estate Agents be more happy to help. We will help you determine whether you have enough equity tilt up in your home to see if it makes sense to sell at the current time. If you think this is an option that might be appealing to you there is no downside for you to request a free consultation with our highly trained staff. If you decide to list your home on the market we have a limited time offer for us to sell your home for just $1000. This is an amazing bargain that everyone should be excited to leverage.

We are committed to sticking to our company’s Constitution. This Constitution consist of three letters that make up an acronym of Sam. It is for systems and team driven excellence that helps us provide a structured and organized environment through the entire closing process. A reminds us to always deliver to make sure that we are consistent and diligent in making sure we deliver top-quality customer service every day. In stands for mutual beneficial deals or no deals, this meaning we will only enter into a deal the benefits all parties involved including the home buyer, home seller, and us as the Sam Adams Realty. If only one or two of the parties is benefiting from the sale of the home we have a we call a no deal.

Are you ready to make freedom ring? If so fantastic all you have to do is call our main office at (781) 667-0436 today! If you’d rather visit our website you can log on to Samadamsrealty.com to see what all we have to offer. While there feel free to read up on our story to see where we came from. We look forward to providing you with quality customer service and saving you money whether you’re buying or selling a home.