Here is a matter, we are the for the people that not only want the Best Real Estate In Tulsa, but they also like saving money. This company was founded on the principle that we are going to revolutionize the world by starting with real estate commissions because we feel like we had to stand up against the current system and spending too much of a heart of money on 6% real estate commissions. Would make sure that we are providing a better way, and that end, we want to make sure that here Sam Adams Realty we provide you a flat rate system that is never going to charge you more than $4444 on any transaction. You’ll never set more than that here Sam Adams Realty, and actually right now for a short time we will build to do it for a maximum of $2000.

Simmons was great for people who want to make sure that a better system was created. As the Best Real Estate In Tulsa, here Sam Adams Realty, we have done that and is proven to be very effective and we are now the highest and most reviewed real estate agency in Tulsa. Is not only due to the fact that we save our clients an average of over $4000 but because also we make sure that we go above and beyond customer service. Will make sure that we meet and exceed our clients expectations every single time. This is actually one of the values which we consider “always over-delivering”. Were make sure that we always overdeliver, and we never knew just the standard. We always want to make sure we exceed the maximum or exceed the standard to make sure you get more than you bargained for, in a good way.

Sam Adams Realty was established as the Best Real Estate In Tulsa, and found it because we understood that there was a need for a company that can do it for less than a ridiculous 6% of the total value of the property. We found it to be ridiculous that you would pay 6% to a real estate agent to matter what the price of the property is whether just a thousand dollars or $10 million. We saw a need for a system that works better and we started Sam Adams Realty we can provide you with a flat rate.

Is proven to be immensely successful, and in addition to make that you say thousand dollars and you get better service and revolutionary service from the Audi such as world-class, compelling videography, and effective Internet marketing or even going to go one step further still provide you with free consultations at any time.

If you’d like to see a week and you want to see what all the fuss is about, you want to see how we overdeliver and you want to know get touch with us at 781-667-0436 go directly to our

Best Real Estate In Tulsa | More Services Than Anybody Else.

One of the things that make Sam Adams Realty the Best Real Estate In Tulsa is the fact that we have such an amazing amount of services and resources that our agents have access to. Not only did we start out to revolutionize the world by starting with real estate commissions by abolishing 6% and enacting a flat rate system here, but we want to make sure that in addition to make sure that all rose commissions should be created equal, we afford to make sure that we provided credible revolutionary service to go along with those prices. So you know you come to Sam Adams Realty and you will never pay more than $4444, this means getting bargain service.

As the Best Real Estate In Tulsa, the highest and most reviewed both agency Tulsa, our real estate agents not only the best most professional roast agents but they also have access to the best resources in Tulsa today. Here at Sam Adams Realty, our agents to provide you with a team and in-house search engine optimization team the region’s best professional real estate photography, interactive professional video, drone videography, social media marketing experts, engaging professional flyer design, and even upon request you can receive world-class interactive 3-D tours. But it doesn’t stop there.

Our agents are also highly skilled professional and train to make sure that they provide you with the best real estate service out there, and the most knowledgeable and also overdeliver. The values and that is one of the foundations in which Sam Adams Realty was established upon. Were always going overdeliver and will always want to make sure that we exceed expectations of what we do here.

In doing so, we always make sure that we provide you with better overall service and we actually provide you the best value in Tulsa. Nobody can beat our value is in our prices alone. On top of that nobody can match the kind of service in the resources that we provide to our clients as well. So if you make sure the job is done in a mutually beneficial this is made for all parties involved including the buyer the seller and the agent, the make she come see us here Sam Adams Realty as the Best Real Estate In Tulsa.

If you’re in to get touch with us for free consultations and our don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 781-667-0436 we can always go to our website at any time at When you go to our website you will find resources like a mortgage calculator, home finder you can also find our listings, more about us as a company and who we are in our founder in our Constitution.