Here Sam Adams Realty, we have become the Best Real Estate In Tulsa simply because we decided to start a revolution when it comes to real estate. Our founder, Clay Clark find it ridiculous that we would pay 6% of the total value of your property and he want to revolutionize this and about the current and start a company that can do it for a flat rate. Now here Sam Adams Realty here in Tulsa, Oklahoma you can sell or buy or any kind of property for just a flat rate commission to your real estate agent. In fact, you will never pay more than $4444. We are trying to innovate real estate by making sure that people understand 6% is archaic and unnecessary, and there’s a better way.

Where innovating by providing a new way of doing business when it comes to buying and selling property. Gone are the days when you have to consider the total commissions going to be for your Asian and try to balance that with your selling price. They can sell it for as much as you want as much is you’re going to buy or sell for, to reach a good deal, but you no longer have to worry about the real estate commission is a large portion of the sale. However, here Sam Adams Realty of our core values and beliefs is that it should benefit all parties of all. So if is not mutually beneficial to both the buyer and seller and also the most agent, then we do not make a deal.

This that we do things Sam Adams Realty, and were doing things differently. To revolutionize real estate to make sure that it is better. Because it can be better. And we are here to make that happen. And just because we provide you with a, on average our clients were $4000 per transaction, does that mean you’re getting less service. We are the Best Real Estate In Tulsa, and we have proven that you refuse and our testimonials.

So if you want the Best Real Estate In Tulsa to give us call because not only are you getting the most current price for getting extremely talented professional agents to help you with all typical the agent services, and they have access to better resources than your average agent also such as an in-house web development team and how the patient team, the region’s best professional growth a photography, interactive video for the Madrone videography, then Internet advertising team is a much more.

So if you want to be part of the revolution the make she come see us for your next real estate transaction. To get contact us is cause of 781-667-0436 go directly to our website anytime at Make sure you go to our website and check out everything you have there including information about us as a company, who felt that is and why, and find out our resources there like a mortgage calculator and also our listings.

Best Real Estate In Tulsa | Exceeding Customer Expectations

If you want to come see us here Sam Adams Realty, then we highly encourage you to do so because we are the Best Real Estate In Tulsa. We are because not only are we the highest and most reviewed, so we are objectively Tulsa’s favorite, but we also make sure that we do everything we can to overdeliver. Here at Sam Adams Realty, we are a company that is dedicated to revolutionizing the way the world works for specifically wanted to start with standing up against many too much of our hard-earned cash and real estate and real estate commissions. That is why we instituted a flat rate structure here which you will never pay more than $4444. We would make sure that we are starting a revolution and we can get rid of the old archaic system of 6% of your property value in it to the new standard in which people pay a flat rate saves us thousands of dollars yet everyone still comes to a mutually beneficial agreement. That’s exactly what we do here.

As part of our Constitution here Sam Adams Realty, some of our core values and include things like always over-delivering. That is one of our core principles here at Sam Adams Realty, and that is a big part of our success here. Not only do we see thousands of dollars in the transaction by charging you thousands less than what you would normally pay on a 6% commission, but we also make sure that we are exceeding our customer’s expectations on a daily basis to make sure that we go above and beyond in everything that we attempt. That goes for the agency as a whole and also our real estate agent because they work with the Best Real Estate In Tulsa.

Our real estate agents are some of the best in Tulsa, and that is why they were the Best Real Estate In Tulsa. Our real stages are completely certified professional experience, and not argumentative realtors just because our prices are so low. Our realtors can do anything that you would find elsewhere like buying negotiations, pre-home so home staging, home showing and touring, and the generation of prospecting.

We also want to consider customers’ expectations and do right by them to make sure that we offer them incentives and reasons to come to see us other than just saving money. We can do that better than else though because we provide free consultations as well. You give us call anytime at one of our agents will be willing to provide you with a free consultation. Graph if you’re ready for consultation the last data get touch with us here Sam Adams Realty by calling us at 781-667-0436 he to our website anytime at to learn more. On our website you can find our listings, resources, and more about us as a company what our values are.