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Our Customer Service Is like the British Tea…We Go Overboard

Historically, Sam Adams was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States who was credited with being a catalyst for the instigation of the Revolutionary War, which completely changed the way the world works. In the same way, Sam Adams Realty was created by Vanessa and Clay Clark based upon the idea of revolutionizing the real estate industry in favor of the consumer and the home buyer.

Like many people throughout their lives, Vanessa and Clay have purchased many properties for both investment and for their personal use. With each transaction, they were blown away when they realized how much money real estate agents were making off of each transaction. With one of their first homes, their real estate agent made a 6% commission on the entire transaction ($220,000) because the buyer did not have a real estate agent ($13,200). On their next home, each real estate agent made nearly $19,800 because they each earned 3% on the transaction of a $660,000 home. However, neither real estate agent was apparently very competent, as it later determined that there were massive problems with the home that they purchased that were glanced over by both real estate agents (one of which lost their license as a result of their negligence).

Unapologetically American Service

At Sam Adams Realty Group, we believe that consumers like you are paying entirely too much when it comes to real estate commissions and that is why we are proud to be the only real estate company on the planet celebrating the fact that you will never pay us more than $4,444.44 to sell your house. If you are trying to sell a $500,000 home, typically you would pay a minimum of a 3% commission to your real estate agent ($15,000), however, at Sam Adams Realty you will only pay a $4,444.44 commission to us.

When dealing with a typical real estate company it would cost you a minimum of a $12,000 commission (3%) to sell a $400,000 home, but at Sam Adams Realty it will only cost you $4,444.44 if no other real estate agent is involved. Why? Because our entire focus is on revolutionizing the real estate industry in a way that benefits you, the buyer or seller of a home.

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